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      Is it true that age can affect fertility which declines conception chances?

      Is it true that age can affect fertility which declines conception chances?

      Does age affect fertility

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        In case you are trying to conceive then you might be wondering to know will it take to conceive? Many couples postpone the decision to conceive till the time they do not feel they are ready for it. This can be due to different reasons like a professional or personal obligation. The studies have shown that with time more women are planning to conceive after 30.

        In case you are also one of them then consulting the fertility doctor can help to prepare a treatment plan so that conception chances increases. Make sure that you visit the best Test tube baby Center in Punjab. 

        Is there any relation between age and fertility?

        Yes, there is a link between these two. After 30, the fertility level starts declining and then it drops pretty fast after 35. this means the chances to conceive naturally will decline and infertility level will increase. When a woman tries to conceive in her 20’s then chances are around 25 to 30 percent. 

        What is the reason fertility decline?

        Common issues include:

        Ovulation Issue

        • Conceiving naturally can decline because there are few good quality eggs left. With age, the number of eggs will decline. Ovarian reserve will only be able to tell about the egg quantity, not the quality.
        • Around one percent of women have to deal with early menopause and this will stop ovulation before 40.
        • It is possible that periods can become irregular in some cases when they approach menopause. This will result in fewer periods and ovulation will become irregular.

        The infection leads to blockage in the fallopian tube

        Fallopian tubes can get blocked because of infection. So, it becomes important that women should look after their general health along with sexual health.

        Possible condition which affects Fertility

        • After the age of 30, women deal with fibroids issue and it is possible that this issue can trigger infertility problems.
        • Endometriosis can make the fallopian tubes thick due to scar tissue. It is possible that with age the problem of endometriosis can rise.
        • Studies have shown that women who are overweight face the issue of infertility more as compared to those who are of normal weight.
        • Chlamydia infection if remains untreated will develop into an inflammatory pelvic problem which blocks the fallopian tube. Moreover, this can affect the fertilization and ectopic pregnancy chances also increase.

        Common misconception

        People believe that age-related infertility can be dealt with infertility treatment but the chances of IVF success get affected by age which is a great misconception.

        For a long time, it is known that women’s fertility is affected by age. Many studies have proved that men’s age will also affect the chances of pregnancy. After the age of 40, men have poor semen quality.

        Regardless of age, it is essential that you take proper care and at the right time to seek medical help.