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      Is there an ideal time to undergo the test tube baby treatment?

      Is there an ideal time to undergo the test tube baby treatment?

      Ideal Time To Get Test Tube Baby Treatment

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        Planning to undergo test tube baby treatment?

        The journey of conception is an important phase for every couple. Indeed! It’s a process that every couple wishes to experience. But, sometimes, things don’t go the way you have planned it. Because the couple can have problems conceiving on their own. The ideal suggestion given by the best gynae doctor in Punjab is to begin the fertility treatment journey. However, the question is, ‘WHEN?’

        Most couples or individuals who are planning to undergo test tube baby treatment want to know the right time. The ideal time for the couple to visit the top-rated Test tube baby centre in Punjab and begin the treatment plan depends on different factors like:

        • Age
        • Lifestyle
        • Previous health condition
        • Frequency of intimating
        • Weight
        • Timing
        • Past Journey

        The combination of different factors is ideal for determining the success rate of the treatment. So, with the various factors, there’s greater ease to begin the treatment journey with perfection. Undoubtedly, every person wishes for their fertility cycle to be successful, which happens when you are careful about everything.

        What if my age is 35 or above that? Can I undergo a test tube, baby?

        YES! You can undergo the treatment. It’s evident that fertility declines after the age of 35. So, make an informed decision after consulting the fertility doctor. The doctor will help you better understand body function and any positive changes you need to make in your life. Be it, men or women, both need to take proper care and change their daily regime if needed.

        What are the procedures in test tube baby treatment?

        The test tube baby treatment preparation is essential. Make sure that you know all the minute details from the fertility doctor. When you consult the doctor, you need to get:

        • Blood test
        • Hormonal balance test

        The doctor prescribes the necessary medications or fertility drugs that you need to take. So, determining your overall condition gives a better head start on what’s required next. For the male partner, the doctor suggested the sperm count test. The infertility treatment journey is undoubtedly long, and when you take every step with caution, there’s no going back. The next phases of treatment are:

        • Fertility drugs boost egg count and quality. After enough egg production the doctor performs the egg retrieval. On sperm day, a semen sample is taken.
        • Later, the doctor keeps the egg and sperm together in a controlled environment to result in fertilization. The goal is an effective outcome, and with the right planning, everything happens.
        • Once the embryo develops and reaches the blastocyst stage on the 3rd or 5th day, the doctor successfully transfers it into the uterus to boost the chances of a successful pregnancy.
        • After 14 days, you must come to the centre to get the pregnancy test results.