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      How IVF is considered helpful for patients with fallopian tube blockage?

      How IVF is considered helpful for patients with fallopian tube blockage?

      How IVF is considered helpful for patients with fallopian tube blockage

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        What is meant by fallopian tube blockage?

        Fallopian tubes connect with the uterus and ovaries. During ovulation, the egg is released by the ovaries which are picked up in the fallopian tube, and then it goes to the uterus. Sperm reaches the vagina during intercourse.

        The sperm swim to the uterus into the tubes and meet the egg, which results in fertilization. The fertilized embryo is transported to the fallopian in the next 5 days where the implantation occurs. This functioning is important as it allows women to conceive naturally.

        However, if the fallopian tube functioning is not proper then pregnancy cannot occur naturally. Fortunately, undergoing IVF treatment allows women to increase the chances of conception. If you are wondering how the treatment is carried out then get in touch with our fertility expert at the IVF centre in Punjab.


        What is the method of diagnosing fallopian tubes?

        The fallopian tube is one of the reasons for female infertility. The problem is more because it does not result in any symptoms in which women are not able to complain about this fertility problem. The diagnosis is performing by tests which include:

        • Hysterosalpingography (HSG)
        • Sonosalpingography (SSG)

        The radio-contrast liquid is used in HSG and water for SSG. if there is a blockage in the tube then the liquid will spill out from the open end of the tube. If the results are not clear, then laparoscopic is done.


        How can a woman conceive with a blocked fallopian tube?

        In most cases, surgery is needed to open the tube and then women can conceive. The surgeon can perform laparoscopic surgery. However, not all cases are treated with surgery. One of the best options is IVF which increases the conception chances to a great extent.


        How IVF treatment is beneficial?

        IVF increases the chances of pregnancy which is not possible with other options. The process of fertilization where eggs meet the sperm happens in the laboratory. The egg meets the sperm on its own. Additionally, pregnancy chances are higher with this treatment approach.

        During the treatment, the egg and sperm are kept in a controlled environment in the lab where fertilization occurs. After that, the embryo is formed and the embryologist will check its growth for around 3 to 5 days. The embryologist will choose the quality egg which increases the conception chances. After that, the embryo is transplanted back to the women’s reproductive tract. This allows the pregnancy rate. The fertility expert will check for the results after 2 weeks.


        Consult the best fertility doctor

        Our fertility expert will do different tests and according to the results, the treatment is customized so that your conception chances are increased.



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