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      IVF Or IUI: Which One Is The Best Infertility Treatment For You?

      IVF Or IUI: Which One Is The Best Infertility Treatment For You?

      How ICSI, IVF, and IUI are different from each other Which option is best

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        Infertility is caused for many reasons, and each reason would dictate which treatment would be best suited for you and your conditions. Not everyone’s situation is similar. Factors play an essential role in dictating which could be the best for your kind.

        Although women younger than 35 should try out natural conceiving for at least one year, it is still beneficial to visit an IVF Centre in Punjab to know whether it is a regular fertilization issue or a severe condition that needs serious intervention. Having expert advice on things you are not aware of is necessary to know the consequences and treatment.

        The most common technique used by the clinics is either IVF (in-vitro fertilization) or IUI (intrauterine insemination).

        What is IVF Treatment?

        It is a delicate process performed by skilled doctors. In this procedure, the surgeon would 1st give some fertility medicines to the women to help stimulate the eggs in the ovaries. After enough eggs are in the women’s body, the doctor would extract some healthy and mature eggs. The eggs are later mixed with the sperm to fertilize in the laboratory. After the fertilization is done, the embryo is harvested back in the womb for natural childbirth.

        It has many steps and would take a couple of months to get the result of the process entirely. The complication of such a problem would fluctuate the Test tube baby cost. It is generally recommended to couples with a history of a failed pregnancy, women who have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, PCOS, severe oligospermia, endometriosis, azoospermia, and unsuccessful IUI treatment. It is one of the safest procedures to attain the best result with minor complications.

        What is IUI Treatment?

        In this process, the doctor wash, concentrate and transfer the sperm directly to the uterus in order to achieve fertilization. The process is very similar to natural childbirth, as the fertilization itself takes place in the body, unlike IVF treatment. The sperm travels from the vagina to the cervix, the uterus, and right up to the fallopian tube. IUI Treatment is coordinated with women’s standard ovulation period. Or else to eliminate that, they are even prescribed certain fertility medicines that help stimulate more eggs which automatically increase the chances of pregnancy. IUI treatment is seen as a safe process that allows the couple to gain a child’s happiness without prodigy much in the body as it is non-invasive.

        Which one is the better?

        To decide which one would eb the best option for you, you would require to talk and consult with your doctor. After diagnosing the issues, they would only be able to recommend you the correct treatment.

        Suppose the fertility issues with a man include inadequate sperm or low-quality sperm. Then IUI would be suggested to you.

        Whereas in the case of fertility issues among women, IVF treatment is often suggested. As said above, the doctor extracts the healthiest egg in this procedure

        Final Comments

        No matter what your infertility condition is. You can treat it at the Gem Hospital And IVF Centre.


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