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      IVF Success Journey, At Age 30s: Blessed With A Baby Girl

      IVF Success Journey, At Age 30s: Blessed With A Baby Girl

      IVF journey of an Infertile couple Punjab

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        Well, in this article we are going to tell you about one of the patient IVF success stories who visited our fertility doctor at the IVF centre (Gem Hospital and IVF centre Punjab). 

        Infertility Journey

        Arti and Vishal Khanna were facing the infertility issue for the last three years. She shared her battle to get pregnant and how IVF treatment helped her in this. The couple was in their late thirties when they started trying and many other couples thought it would be easy. For 2 years, they tried to conceive naturally but results were not coming.

        Initial visit

        When she visited Dr. Neera Gupta for the first time they determined her health along with her partner. Initially, they were given IUI treatment which included 3 cycles. Later the doctor moved to IVF as the reason for infertility was not known.

        Treatment journey

        The couple was worried that with each cycle the chances will get low. But with our doctor’s recommendation and expertise, the first full IVF cycle helped them conceived.

        However, due to her age things were slightly tough as five and a half weeks later she started bleeding and it came out as an early miscarriage.

        IVF along with donor egg

        No doubt, the first cycle failed which made the couple stressed and depressed. With the doctor’s suggestion, they opted for IVF along with donor egg.

        Donor egg is helpful when the woman’s ovaries are not able to produce a quality egg which can be due to age or something else. It was a debate for the couple as they were not sure about this option and even if they consider it will they be able to find the donor egg.

        Counseling session

        Well, it is very obvious for the couple to feel stressed and frustrated. This is where the counseling sessions helped them to get through this easily. It helped them to know how they can manage everything in order.

        IVF success

        When the treatment started again all the tests, ultrasound, and other services were done in the same manner. At every step, the Gynecologist was there to guide them and let them know what they should do further so that success chances are improved.

        At the IVF clinic, they found the best treatment plan which was specifically made according to their problem. Not only that the staff was very kind and helpful to us at every step.

        Even if we were away from our home we never felt tense. Once the embryo was implanted, we waited for 2 weeks. To their absolute delight, this cycle proved positive. It turned out that IVF along with donor egg proved favorable to us. With 3 year wait, we are now blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Well, our journey did not end there as we conceived our second child with the left embryos.



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