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      How are PCOS and Sleep Apnea linked to each other? Is there any treatment?

      How are PCOS and Sleep Apnea linked to each other? Is there any treatment?

      PCOS and Sleep Apnea

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        When a couple plans to get fertility treatment at the best IVF centre in Punjab, various questions come into their mind. Initially, their concern is regarding the test tube baby cost and how they will manage it. On average, the cost starts from Rs 50,000.

        In many cases, women have PCOS and they wonder how it can impact their chances of conception. Moreover, there are many concerns regarding PCOS and Sleep apnea. Let’s make you understand this in detail.

        PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

        PCOS is a group of symptoms or complex health issue in which women experience symptoms like:

        • Weight Gain
        • Acne
        • Abnormal Hair Growth
        • Fertility Issue
        • Infrequent Menstruation

        Apart from these the women with PCOS can have other symptoms like problems losing weight, insulin resistance, hypertension, and tiredness.

        Women with PCOS have a higher risk of health issues like high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. Moreover, there is a risk of sleep apnea.

        Sleep Apnea

        Sleep apnea comes under the category of the respiratory problem which makes it difficult to breathe. In this condition, you will have pauses for a few seconds to minutes and even throughout the night.

        The person itself is not able to tell they have a problem. Someone who sleeps with you or a partner can notice that you have a problem. No doubt, the problem is not serious in itself but it can have serious complications.

        How is sleep apnea diagnosed?

        In most cases, the problem is left undiagnosed which can make things worse. Sleep Apnea is diagnosed in 2 ways and these are sleep studies in which wires are attached with the person during the night. Through an EEG monitor, the brain activity is checked to see how well the patient is sleeping at night and the pauses they take in-between during the sleep.

        What kind of treatment is needed for PCOS and Sleep Apnea?

        Treatment options for PCOS are:

        • Medication
        • Weight Loss
        • Nutritional Counseling

        Studies suggest that weight loss can improve sleep apnea, although its treatment in itself is an effective option for the patients. The machine used in breathing can help in regulating breathing during the night.

        There is slight evidence that CPAP machine (for controlling breathing at night) helps in controlling the metabolic functions in women who have PCOS like:

        • High blood pressure
        • High cholesterol
        • Insulin resistance

        All in all, you must sleep peacefully at night so that all the functions are proper in the body. So, if you have PCOS make sure to consult the doctor and talk to her about the symptoms you are having.

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