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      Have you been told you are overweight to get pregnant successfully?

      Have you been told you are overweight to get pregnant successfully?


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        Have you ever been told you are fat? To add to that, has someone ever told you that you won’t be able to conceive on your own because of the weight? This blog will tell you one such story of the patient who has gone through this journey.

        Pregnancy Journey of Megha & Sahil

        The couple was trying to conceive for the last 5 years. Megha was slightly overweight than her required body weight. Things started to take a huge turn every time the couple saw negative test results. No doubt, the couple was in a dilemma as to what they should do or to whom they should get help. Being from a medical background herself she knew the situation is calling towards problems with reproductive health & they have to make themselves ready to seek fertility treatment.

        Beginning of the treatment journey

        Before visiting the IVF Centre in Punjab Megha did try to lose some weight but even then it did not help her. On getting the diagnosis they came to know about their fertility getting down with time. By considering the situation the couple was asked to get infertility treatment. The main aim of infertility treatment was to help them during their pregnancy journey & increase their conception chances.

        Customized treatment to increase success chances

        As the diagnosis was done & depending on the test results the treatment plan was customized for the couple. Additionally, as the couple was around 35 years old, they asked to get the PGT testing to make sure there is no genetic issue. So, the entire amount included the Test tube baby cost & all the necessary tests performed by the fertility doctor.

        Considering the BMI level to begin the IVF journey

        No doubt the Body mass index (BMI) plays a great factor but sometimes even if a woman is not obese they still have a problem during the pregnancy journey. So, it’s like checking the entire situation through the diagnosis & doing different tests to better point out what is wrong. On the doctor’s advice, Megha started making efforts to get her BMI under control. As her obesity was in a severe category so the doctor initially told her it might take time & even more than one cycle.

        Took 2 IVF cycles to conceive successfully

        The initial IVF cycle failed which the fertility doctor had told her about. The IVF cycle is indeed a journey and it does take time for some couples to plan the pregnancy the way they always wanted. The second round of the IVF cycle for Megha & Sahil brought good news which they waited for 5 years to hear.

        Make yourself informed about the treatment & your health

        The treatment success is only likely to increase when all the things are better managed. If you are struggling to conceive on your own no matter what the issue is then it’s essential to get medical advice on the earliest basis. Starting the infertility treatment journey on time will make sure all things are well-managed. 



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