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      How can ovulation disorder affect infertility? How to treat it?

      How can ovulation disorder affect infertility? How to treat it?

      What are the topmost things you need to know about ovulation

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        Ovulation Disorder & Infertility

        Ovulation disorders are common in women. When this problem triggers, the menstrual cycle is affected because the hormones are not in place or there is a lot of change in the following like:

        • Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)
        • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
        • Luteinizing hormone (LH)

        These hormones are the key factor for making the egg mature and following that conception is possible. No doubt, every woman’s menstrual cycle length is different which means ovulation days will vary. But for some, the ovulation cycle might be absent or infrequent. This is the reason ‘INFERTILITY’ can occur.


        If you are having difficulty conceiving then make sure to schedule an initial consultation at the best IVF Centre in Punjab. The doctor’s expertise will help you plan a fertility treatment plan to increase your conception chances.


        What are the most common ovulation disorders and symptoms?

        Your endocrine system plays a vital role in the menstrual cycle and this is the reason pregnancy is possible. There are high chances that medications and some lifestyle factors can create problems with the ovulation cycle. The hormone production may be affected, ovaries get damaged, and this is the reason ovulation disorder chances are increased. Due to the ovulation disorder, there are increased chances of having the following problems:

        • PCOS

        Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in which hormones are not balanced along with insulin. Additionally, testosterone production increases. With this condition, there is a risk of having an absent period, irregular menstrual cycle, and it might be completely absent. Apart from that, there are symptoms like excess hair, male pattern baldness, and much more.

        • Hypothalamic amenorrhea

        The right level of LH and FSH in the body is essential. Through FSH the body will get the signal that the follicle is getting mature. Due to Hypothalamic amenorrhea, there is a risk of having absent or irregular ovulation due to which the body does not have all the vital nutrients which it needs. Low body weight, excess weight gain & stress might contribute to the same.

        • Premature ovarian failure & menopause

        POF is another common issue that can occur before women hit the mark of 40. In this condition, the estrogen production is not right. This problem occurs when the ovarian follicles have stopped working the right way. Although, the reason behind the same is not known & therefore it’s essential to get yourself medical assistance.


        Important Note!

        If you are planning to get the IVF cycle, then only after consulting the fertility doctor will you know the total amount of Test tube baby cost. It means that the treatment plan which you will be given is customized as every couple’s situation varies from one another.


        How to diagnose and treat ovulation disorder?

        Diagnosis is important because the same treatment is given. To do this, the diagnosis is performed through different tests like:

        • Examination
        • Checking Medical History
        • Menstrual History

        The combination of all these will point better towards the condition and help to understand better what should be done next. For example: If the woman has PCOS then accordingly the tests are performed.


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