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      Girls, You Must Know About Ovulation Even If You Are Fertile

      Girls, You Must Know About Ovulation Even If You Are Fertile

      What are the topmost things you need to know about ovulation

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        Basic Definition of Ovulation

        Ovulation can be deemed as the time at which the egg is released in your fallopian tubes from the ovaries. Before 13 to 15 days (maximum Day Range) your periods start, the ovulation comes about.

        Gynaecologist in Bathinda explains, “ Just like your periods, your ovulation cycle may also differ. You may experience some odd cycles as well.”

        Fast Facts About OVULATION

        1. Eggs residing in the ovaries are known as follicles.
        2. For growth and release, these follicles need the right environment.
        3. Ovulation can be tracked by keeping a proper record of:
        • Menstrual Cycle
        • Cervical Fluid
        • BB Temperature

        Come On Girls

        60% of the girls run into the basic learning of ovulation from the fertility experts on their initial visit to an IVF Centre in Punjab. But Girls, if you put a little effort into knowing your ovulation cycle, you could easily get over your infertility issues.

        Does the ovulation cycle change in response to external conditions?

        Yes, Of course. Both the ovulation and the menstrual cycle are impacted by socioeconomic, nutritional, environmental and energetic factors.

        Apart from that, the short term factors in the form of smoking, jet lag, seasonal changes and stress may also contribute a bit to changing your ovulation cycle.

        Do all the follicles reach the ovulation phase?

        No, all the follicles can’t reach the ovulation stage. A number of them die in between during the several developmental stages.

        It’s Like a RACE

        When the menstrual cycle begins, less than 10 follicles are supposed to be the ideal candidate for ovulation. Since it is termed as the RACE and only one needs to win, then only one of the follicles reaches the ovulation phase.

        What if the follicle is ready?

        When the follicle is ready. It gives birth to the next stage. In the next stage, the follicle releases the egg. The egg travels out of the ovary and reaches the fallopian tubes. Once the egg is released, it steps into the Countdown day. The egg needs to be fertilised in about 12 to 24 hours. IF in that phase, it does not get fertilized and travels down towards the uterus, the uterine lining breaks and sheds blood through the vagina.

        But yes, I must say the uterus is kind enough as it waits for about 6 to 12 days in the hope that some egg will come for the implantation.

        But the question is, “How are the follicle selection and the development takes place?”

        The hormones dominate this procedure and select the best follicles that they believe (taking into account several conditions) is the right candidate to be grown into an embryo.

        Wind Up!

        Gem Hospital and IVF centre will provide the best of knowledge that it can provide to its readers.