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      Patient’s journey of getting pregnant at the age of 40 with PCOS problem

      Patient’s journey of getting pregnant at the age of 40 with PCOS problem

      IVF journey of an Infertile couple Punjab

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        The infertility journey can be very tough and stressful. Especially with age, most couples start losing hope that they do not become parents. Well, one of our patient named Jyoti shared her journey to make people aware that losing hope is not an option. With the guidance of our Gynecologist, she became pregnant. Just keep in mind that you should visit the best IVF centre to understand in detail what needs to be done.

        First Consultation

        I visited the Local doctor a few years back and I get to know the reason behind my irregular periods. The problem was PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), but it was quite shocking to know that this would make it very difficult to conceive naturally. At that time, I was 31 and hearing this thing made me feel extremely sad and emotional.

        Doctor’s Recommendation

        Later I get to know about the Gem Hospital and IVF centre from my friend who undergoes IVF treatment from there. She was also struggling to conceive naturally due to fertility issues. Well, here are a few things that the doctor told me to change in the daily routine to improve conception chances.

        • Avoid the pills

        You might have heard that when someone stops taking the pills they conceive next month. But, in the case of fertility issues, it can be very difficult. It might take longer for your natural cycle to get back to normal.

        • Additional changes in the diet

        I was not sure what changes need to be made in any diet but it was obvious that inulin and fertility are linked with each other. You might be surprised to know that low carb food is the first thing which the doctor suggested to me and it helped my menstrual cycle to get back to normal.

        • Include preconception multivitamin

        My doctor recommended folate and iodine as the addition of nutrients in my diet would make a difference.

        • Experiment with the fertility prediction stick

        My fertility doctor suggested this because the hormonal level rises just before ovulation. But, with PCOS issue the hormonal level can be elevated for more than 48 hours which means they will not give accurate results. So, you should buy them in bulk.

        • Every morning measure the temperature

        This is another important thing which should be kept in mind.

        • Walking more instead of running

        Surprised, yes this is another recommendation given to me by the fertility doctor. The doctor told me that running can create problems as the body overheat too much at this time. So, make sure you exercise but it should not be too much that it starts putting pressure on your body.

        • Get to know about fertility signs

        You can use the app to keep a check on your fertility cycle. Another thing which the doctor told me to understand is body mucus sound which might sound gross but it would make a lot of difference. In all, you should take the medications as prescribed and keep the stress away.

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