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      PESA/TESA: Everything you should know about sperm retrieval methods

      PESA/TESA: Everything you should know about sperm retrieval methods

      Guide on sperm retrieval procedures

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        Sperm retrieval procedures

        Couples diagnosed with infertility have several emotions going on in their mind. One thing that crosses their mind is getting all the necessary answers and ensuring everything goes as planned.

        Azoospermia (No sperm in semen): PESA/TESA Procedure

        As you visit one of the best IVF centre in Punjab and get the news that you have azoospermia, which means no sperm are present when you ejaculate. The following condition can happen due to several reasons.

        When you consult the fertility doctor, she will better guide you on which option is suitable for your condition. Making sure the sperm moves through the body and meets the egg is essential. The problem is called obstructive azoospermia. In case the sperm presence gets affected, then the doctor suggests the option of:

        PESA: Surgical method to extract sperm from the epididymis

        TESA: Get it dissected out of tubules from the testis

        Both these options make the most reliable choice for sperm extraction and performing the ART to boost the chance of pregnancy.

        Who can benefit from PESA/TESA?

        The PESA & TESA can benefit different persons, and it all depends on what their present condition is. Mostly, the reason behind the lack of sperm as you ejaculate makes it all different. If you are thinking of a better understanding of how it works, visit the PESA Centre in Punjab to make an informed decision. Some of the possible reasons are:

        • Testicular problem

        Testicular issue when the sperm production goes down. The problem happens due to infection, genetic issues, or maldescended testes.

        • Congenital Absence

        Congenital absence means vas deferens are not present since birth. Mainly the condition occurs when someone has cystic fibrosis.

        • Undergone vasectomy

        Someone who has undergone a vasectomy or had an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal.

        • Irreversible obstruction

        Sometimes the obstruction occurs in the genital tract due to surgery, infection, or trauma.

        PESA/TESA procedure

        Here’s what happens when you undergo PESA/TESA treatment:

        • PESA

        PESA includes passing a fine needle from the skin to reach the epididymis and get the sperm.

        • TESA

        TESA involves passing needles through the skin to reach the testes and take out the seminiferous tubules.

        Be it PESA/TESA; Both uses local anesthesia. The sedations ensure you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. The doctor will discuss with you beforehand what you would like to have. The procedure is popular at the top-rated IVF centre in Punjab. So, getting the treatment with the expertise of trained medical professionals will make a lot of difference.

        Use of PESA/TESA

        The sperm retrieved through PESA or TESA is low as compared to ejaculation. The treatment plan includes IVF-ICSI to make the treatment plan performed effectively. That’s not all; the surgical retrieval of the sample makes everything effective.

        The IVF procedure happens in the proper setting of the test tube baby centre.

        Do you have any doubts?

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