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      Should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccination? Can it affect fertility?

      Should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccination? Can it affect fertility?


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        We all are familiar with the current situation and how it is affecting & creating confusion in everybody’s life. From professional to personal life, many things have come to halt. Due to COVID-19, there are many pieces of information and it is difficult to understand what should be done. The way we interact with others, work, and carry out our daily lives has seen a huge change. But, people are not sure how it can affect the ones who are trying to start a family or what if someone is pregnant?

        Is COVID-19 vaccination safe for pregnant women?

        Considering the given situation, there are a number of challenges that are faced by everyone each day. No doubt, the COVID-19 vaccination has proven to be a ray of sunshine in this tough time and everybody hopes that things will get better, eventually. Although, the research is not done on the vaccination effect on pregnant women. People are still figuring out whether they should be vaccinated or not if they are pregnant, or will it affect their fertility in the future.

        Different opinions on the vaccine

        Well! When you scroll through the internet you are going to come across different opinions on what is right and what is wrong. This is the reason, the confusion has increased manifold. During the pandemics, the health care sector has issued recommendations and guidelines regarding fertility and coronavirus. As everything is carefully executed and its efficacy is checked to a great extent to make sure the individuals get the best information.

        Fertility and Vaccine: Always trust the expert opinion

        There is good news and that is checked through extreme studies and the expertise of fertility experts. It is believed that the vaccination available is for everyone out there, which includes whether the woman is pregnant or wants to conceive in the future.

        As we all know it is important to get the vaccination done on time, seeing the seriousness of the situation. Simply put, there are no such potential risks or problems which can be caused by the vaccination. As we have mentioned above, the vaccination is a ray of hope that things will get back to normal, but that does not mean we need to take anything lightly.

        Protective measures during COVID-19

        In case of a pregnant woman around you, then you need to be careful and follow the protective measures which are issued by WHO. Social distancing is one of the most effective and safest ways which can make a lot of difference. Even in case, your area has relaxing restrictions, you need to be extra careful. So, make sure that you do:

        • Sanitize and wash your hands
        • Avoid going out, except for medical emergencies.
        • Follow social distancing and avoid huge gatherings
        • Wear a mask

        So, stay safe as the pandemic is still not over. If you have any doubt in your mind, then consult the fertility expert right away.