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      Expert Guide: Procedure Of During And After The Egg Donation

      Expert Guide: Procedure Of During And After The Egg Donation

      Egg Donation Center For IVF Treatment

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        Egg donation: you might have heard about it. It is basically a technique wherein a fertile woman donates an egg to another woman unable to conceive a child naturally. It is basically a part of assisted reproductive technology, which is also known as ART in a Test tube baby centre.

        In this procedure, the doctor retrieves an egg or eggs from the donor and then fertilizes them in the lab. After the fertilization, they transfer the embryo back into the recipient’s uterus, which takes the donation. Most of the time, the doctor performs this process for IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment in the Best IVF Centre in Punjab.

        In fact, there are also some centers wherein the women freeze their eggs for later implantation and pregnancy. This helps them to be secure about the whole fertility window.

        Let us now delve into the procedure of egg donation in more detail.

        During Extraction Of Eggs

        Right before the retrieval of eggs, the doctor will give a final injection to the donor so that they will be prepared for the whole procedure.

        After that, the doctor will conduct the transvaginal ovarian aspiration so that they can remove the eggs from the ovaries of the donor. With the help of the ultrasound probe that the doctor inserts into the vagina, they will be able to remove the egg from each follicle with a needle.

        At the time of the procedure, which lasts for almost 30 minutes, the doctor in the Egg Donation Centre in Bathinda will give the donor some sedatives, painkillers, and anesthesia to lessen the pain.

        As it is a minor surgery, the doctor will not ask you to stay overnight after the procedure.

        After The Donation Of Eggs

        Let us now come to what happens after the removal of eggs. In some cases, the women will find it challenging to complete their day-to-day activities and would require rest for some days to recover from the transvaginal ovarian aspiration. Whereas in other cases, they get to normal activities without any complication.

        There are specific programs that might provide aftercare to the donors; some do not; it all depends on their policy. Also, do keep in mind that the egg donation can also have an impact on the donor’s psychological factor. That is why some women would also require to work with a psychotherapist or counselor after the whole ordeal.

        Egg Donor Screening

        These are some of the screening that the egg donor must undergo before the doctor finalizes them for the donation of the eggs.

        • Application
        • Interview, By Telephone Or In Person
        • Physical Examination
        • Blood Tests
        • Drug Tests
        • Ultrasound, To Examine The Reproductive Organs
        • Medical And Psychological History — To Discover Donor And Family Health History
        • Infectious Disease Screening
        • Screening For Inherited Disease

        Final Comments

        Contact Gem Hospital And IVF Centre for your IVF Treatment. It is a reputable IVF center that works for patients and their welfare.


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