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      Everything you about the psychological impact of infertility and its treatment

      Everything you about the psychological impact of infertility and its treatment

      Everything you about the psychological impact of infertility and its treatment

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        The psychological impact of infertility and its treatment, The infertility problem is on the rise all over the world. Stats have shown that 5% of people living in metropolitan cities experience primary infertility and secondary infertility. Some of the cases have medical reasons associated with it, and some of them are unexplained. Additionally, infertility can also contribute to psychological issues in men and women.

        Research on infertile couples

        • One of the studies conducted on around 200 people has shown that 15 % of men said that infertility was the most stressful time of their lives.
        • Another study conducted on 488 infertile women has shown that infertility led to anxiety and depression.

        The couple needs to understand the medical advancement has helped the couple to start a family on their own. Visiting the best IVF centre in Punjab can help you know about the different treatment options that increase the chances of conception.

        Stress involved around Infertility

        Individuals who learn about infertility issues can leave a distressing effect on their minds. Some of the typical reactions of the infertile couple are:

        • Shock
        • Anger
        • Grief
        • Depression
        • Frustration
        • Loss of self-esteem & self-confidence

        It affects their relationship not only with their partner but with family & friends. The stress increases when they are misguided, and everybody’s opinion can lead to increased pain.

        Infertile couples may even avoid going out and interacting with other people.

        Fortunately, infertility problems can be treated by consulting a fertility expert. They can give you the necessary advice to time the intercourse, drug therapy to promote ovulation, prevent miscarriage, and surgical options for reproductive issues.

        Medication side effects

        Infertility treatment includes drugs and hormones to increase sperm count and correct ovulation issues. The medications can result in mood swings, sleep cycle get affected, anxiety, and irritability in women. Your infertility doctor will make you understand what to expect during the treatment and how you can manage the possible side-effects.

        Infertility treatment increases Pregnancy chances

        Infertility treatment has helped the couples to start a family on their own. The couple feels overjoyed and blessed when they get good news to become parents. But at times, they feel pressured to manage the new role.

        Women who have faced recurrent miscarriage in the past feel anxious if anything can go wrong again. The couple needs to give support to each other at this time. Consulting our fertility expert at the right time will improve the success chances.

        Therapy for managing Psychological Impact

        Patients need to get support from their loved ones at this time. They should be able to share what they feel and what step they want to take next. Additionally, the couple can join an infertility support group as there are people who have gone through the same phase. It will give you the motivation to deal with the infertility pressure with comfort.