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      What are the answers to conflicting questions related to IVF Treatment?

      What are the answers to conflicting questions related to IVF Treatment?

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        Once in a while there is no apparent cause of infertility. Gynaecologist in Punjab explains,” Your reproductive health is demanding some modifications in dietary plans and physical activity schedule if there is no visible cause of infertility.” But if there are medical causes of impotency, you can count on IVF Centre in Punjab. 

        • What has In-Vitro Fertilisation succeeded in achieving? 

        IVF has opened a door of happiness for those helpless and hopeful couples who are finding a way to get a  healthy baby.

        • What is the connotation of overstimulation in the process of IVF? 

        Overstimulation in IVF can be defined as stimulation of the ovaries and influence them to generate more than one mature egg.

        • Why overstimulation is important? 

        Overstimulation is indispensable in alleviating the chances of pregnancy. These changes do not have anything to do with the natural cycle.

        • In what conditions, IVF treatment can be proved beneficial?

        IVF treatment is beneficial in the subsequent cases:

        • Endometriosis
        • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
        • Male Problems
        • Unexplained Infertility
        • If the couples are not able to conceive in one attempt, then should they go for another attempt?

        It is suggested not to lose hope if the couple has gone through one failed cycle. Because there is no guarantee and surety that couples will be able to conceive in the first attempt. Usually, more than one cycle is taken into consideration to make this process successful.

        • What are the quintessential factors and conditions that would help you to improve and increase the success rate of the next IVF cycle?
        • Before anything else. It is vital to note here that if you are suffering from obesity then in the first place you need to get it treated. Because overweight is a customary cause of unsuccessful attempts.
        • You should undergo the treatment of Hysteroscopy if you have any complications and issues with the lining of the uterine.
        • In case of the obstruction and blockage of the tubes, you are recommended to take up Laparoscopy.
        • Once in a while, it takes place that the eggs are not present in significant and required numbers. In that situation, you will be recommended by the IVF specialist to borrow the eggs. The same is the case with Sperms. If the sperms are not quality sperms and the count is too low, you can fertilize the eggs with donor sperms.
        • When should the preimplantation screening be done? 

        Preimplantation Genetic Embryo Screening is only done in the case if the female companion is more than 37 years of age. Another possible reason for the performance of this surgery could be the frequent pregnancy failures.

        • How does Preimplantation procedure help in IVF treatment? 

        Preimplantation screening aids in picking out the embryos. These embryos are customarily genetically normal. These are fit for the transfer. Having preimplantation screening performed assists in checking the risk of miscarriages and there is a considerable improvement in the pregnancy rate.