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      Questions: That Usually Come To Mind While Going for a IVF Treatment In Punjab

      Questions: That Usually Come To Mind While Going for a IVF Treatment In Punjab

      Questions That Usually Come To Mind While Visiting a Fertility Centre

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        If you are one of the unfortunate people who can’t conceive naturally, we have good news for you. The medical science has progressed to the extent that people with infertility can become parents. The most popular technique which has delivered babies to such people is IVF. In case you belong to the Punjab region, you are lucky as it is quite easy to visit our Best IVF centre in Punjab.

        The Gynecologist in Bathinda will retrieve information about the medical history, lifestyle and any medical condition or medication which the couple has. The doctor will also recommend a series of tests to determine the reproductive capability and reasons for infertility in the couple. The patient can use this opportunity to get comfortable with the doctor, discuss the reasons that could be causing infertility and clarify his doubts about the IVF treatment. Given below is the list of questions that the patients commonly ask the doctor.

        Question 1: Why have we been unable to conceive yet?

        It is the most common question that the couple asks. Every infertile couple wants to know the reason behind its infertility. The experts can answer the question only after reviewing your medical history, lifestyle and tests to check your reproductive capability. There might be varying reasons for the problem. The deficiency may lie in the male partner or the female partner or both. In some cases, the reasons for infertility are difficult to decipher, which results in terming it as unexplained infertility.

        Question 2: Which Infertility Treatment is most suitable for us?

        This is the second most common question faced by doctors. However, the answer depends on various factors of the couple like age and diagnosis. The doctor will arrive at a concrete decision only after considering the various factors. IVF is a procedure that is suitable for many cases.

        Question 3: What are the side effects associated with the treatment?

        IVF is a procedure that hardly has any side effects. It is a treatment that includes the use of fertility drugs which will lead to some emotional and physical effects. It is a long process that involves complex steps that might take a toll on the couple’s patience and emotional and financial health. However, the process yields result in the end. Many couples don’t see success in the first cycle but they may conceive in the successive cycles. The couple will have to display patience and emotional maturity to deal with it. Various clinics have counselors to help them deal with the strain.

        Question 4: What are the various steps of the IVF cycle?

        IVF primarily involves the following steps-

        1. Analysis of the ovulation cycle of the woman

        2. Stimulation of the ovulation cycle using fertility drugs

        3. Extraction of the multiple eggs produced by the woman

        4. Extraction of the sperm from the male partner

        5. The fusion of the sperm and the egg in the lab under controlled conditions

        6. Implantation of the embryo in the woman after selecting the best ones.