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      Reasons for Multiple IVF Failure: What’s the next step I should take?

      Reasons for Multiple IVF Failure: What’s the next step I should take?

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        IVF is one of the most successful infertility treatment options out there for all those who are struggling to conceive. But, as the last steps happen, i.e., embryo transfer, it’s possible that it does not reach the desired stage, and the cycle can be a failure. So, is it possible an IVF cycle can fail? If that happens, then what should be the next step? In this condition, you must seek medical assistance from one of the best IVF Centre in Punjab to know about all the necessary and suitable measures to be followed.

        What are the significant reasons IVF cycles fail?

        When you pay for the Test tube baby cost, you want the procedure to reach the final stage, and you get to have the desired results you are looking for. But, there are few instances where the scenario can take a turn the way you didn’t want to. Here are some of the primary reasons which lead to IVF cycle failure.

        Reason for IVF failure 1: Embryo quality not up to the mark

        Just picture, if the embryo quality is not up to the mark, then the IVF cycle will fail. There are cases where the embryo doesn’t develop itself properly, which is why IVF cycle fails. The defect does not even come to light through the PGT. This is why the embryo cannot implant itself or grow the way it needs to.

        Reason for IVF Failure 2: Quality of eggs

        With age, the egg quality declines. Automatically, the embryo quality is affected. So, if the woman is of the age 35 or above, then IVF failure chances are higher than usual. This is the age where egg quality begins to diminish. Therefore, the age of eggs is one of those factors where it’s difficult for you to have your utmost control.

        Reason for IVF Failure 3: Autoimmune Problem

        There are high chances that autoimmune diseases can affect women’s fertility in around 80% of the cases. This issue means that the healthy tissues are affected, which automatically leads to inflammation and the destruction of cells. Additionally, there are many instances where an individual does not know they have this condition as it is why they are having difficulty conceiving.

        Reason for IVF Failure 4: Chromosomal difficulties

        If there are chromosomal difficulties, there are high chances of IVF failure. Moreover, the problem with chromosomes is likely to increase even more like the woman in her mid-40s. Not just the egg, even male sperm is expected to have issues. 

        Reason for IVF Failure 5: Lifestyle habits are not right

        There are high chances that your lifestyle habits can make it difficult for you to conceive like normal. If your daily life includes habits like smoking, drinking, or using any illicit drug, then your chances of having a natural pregnancy are affected.


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