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      Everything you need to know about semen analysis report to undergo fertility treatment

      Everything you need to know about semen analysis report to undergo fertility treatment


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        Semen analysis report, Due to infertility in men, a woman is unable to get pregnant. So if you are trying to conceive naturally but unable to do it, then you should consult the best fertility specialist in the IVF centre in Punjab. Fertility experts are the ones who will find the root of the fertility issues and treat them accordingly. If a male partner has identified any infertility and you don’t know how to analyze the report, then you are at the right place.

        Semen Ejaculation

        A man produces 2 to 5 ml volume of sperm during ejaculation. The volume can be low due to the following reasons that are mentioned below:

        • Inability to ejaculate- failed emission.
        • Partial semen collection- incomplete collection.
        • Spermatozoa
        • Frequently sexual intercourse- short abstinence interval

        Sperm concentration

        Spermatozoa concentration of 15 million per ml. If the count is lower then the condition is called oligospermia. It is a situation where no sperm will be there in the semen which is known as azoospermia. Sperm count can also differ regularly & it is also affected due to sexual intercourse abstinence.

        Sperm Motility

        The movement of the sperm is important as sperm count. Do you know motility can be further divided into two movements such as progressive and total motility? Total motility is known as any kind of movement whereas progressive motility is known as forward movement. Healthy sperm will have forward movement which allows the sperm to swing.

        Sperm Morphology

        Sperm morphology is known as the size & shape of the sperm. The semen sample will help to know the percentage of the sperm and whether he is having a proper shape or not. The sperm must contain the head, body, and tail. The health of sperm can be affected due to the intake of toxins, chemicals, and other issues.

         What abnormal results show?

        If your semen analysis report is having any irregularities then your fertility expert will suggest you visit the center after 4 to 6 weeks for semen analysis. Another test is organized to find the main root of the problems. Some cases need to make minor changes in lifestyle whereas some will be treated with medicines.

        How can you prepare yourself for semen analysis?

        Though your fertility expert will give you all the necessary instructions you should also make sure some things that are mentioned below:

        • Before the test, the person should avoid engaging in sexual intercourse for 24 to 72 hours.
        • The person should not consume alcohol.
        • The person should also avoid intake of drugs, caffeine, and much more.
        • You should avoid the intake of herbal medicines
        • You should also avoid taking any hormonal medications.

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