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      Six major signs that should not stop you from seeing the fertility specialist

      Six major signs that should not stop you from seeing the fertility specialist


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        Do you have difficulty planning to conceive naturally?

        Well, my friend, you are not alone in this. Instead of losing hope, it’s important that you seek medical assistance and understand all the options that are available for your situation, as the overall state of your fertility plays an important role in this situation. So, be it male or female, the fertility health of both partners is required to be in the appropriate state completely. Talking about the same, there are a few major signs that you need to consult the fertility doctor at the top-rated IVF Centre in Punjab.

        Don’t get these signs out of sight!

        Major reasons to consult a fertility doctor

        Reason 1: Age above 35

        An increase in age means compromise upon the overall state of fertility health. So, the couple who are above 35 and trying to conceive should visit a fertility doctor. Especially when you are above 35 and typing to conceive for the last six months, you need to consult the fertility doctor at the earliest. Just make sure that you get a better understanding of the entire situation from the fertility doctor and get to know better about the treatment along with the Test tube baby Cost in Punjab.

        Reason 2: Trying to conceive for the last 12 months without birth control pills

        If you have been off from your birth control pills for the last 12 months, then you need to get medical assistance right away.

        Reason 3: Miscarriage frequently in the count of 1 or 2

        Miscarriage happens in the 20th week of pregnancy. Women who have frequent miscarriages need fertility doctor assistance. Sometimes there is an underlying medical reason that can create problems with conceiving naturally. The doctor will monitor your health to tell you better about what needs to be done.

        Reason 4: Menstrual cycle problem

        Some women face extreme problems with the menstrual cycle, which means it’s irregular, there are no periods at all, or there’s heavy bleeding. Under any of these situations, there’s a high possibility of having conception problems. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t delay and get medical assistance without delaying the situation. The menstrual cycle problem can be a sign of ovulation disorder, cervical lesion, uterine fibroid, polyp, or endocrine abnormality.

        Reason 5: Partner got diagnosed with STIs

        There’s a high possibility the situation of STIs can make it tough for women to conceive naturally. Not just women, STIs can negatively impact the well-being of men. STIs in men and women increase the risk of:

        • Scarring occurrence in the fallopian tube
        • Sperm motility gets hampered
        • Overall sperm function gets affected
        • Recurrence of infection

        Reason 6: Diagnosed with Chronic Medical Conditions

        For individuals with chronic medical conditions like:

        • Diabetes
        • Genetic disorders
        • Heart disease
        • Hypertension
        • Kidney disease
        • Thyroid condition

        Do you have any doubts?

        If there’s any doubt on your mind then schedule initial consultation at Gem Hospital & IVF Centre.