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      How to test for pregnancy After following the procedure of embryo transfer?

      How to test for pregnancy After following the procedure of embryo transfer?

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        Gem Hospital and IVF Centre Punjab: So, you are undergoing the treatment of the IVF cycle and might be wondering how to check the pregnancy after the final step. After years of facing trouble to get pregnant, you have waited for this time and it might seem like an eternity.

        What is checked in the pregnancy test?

        • The pregnancy test is going to measure the amount of (human chorionic gonadotropin in the body. HCG is a hormone that the embryo’s cells produce which is produced only after the embryo is implanted.
        • Following the embryo transfer, the implantation takes 3 to 8 days. The hCG produced in the embryo will be detected in the bloodstream after this point.
        • The level of hCG will increase in the body as the pregnancy progresses. On average after 10 days, the hCG measurement past ovulation is 25 mIU. 12 days past ovulation, the amount will be doubled and in 2 weeks it will get 100mIU. Although, every woman’s body is different so in the hCG there will be a lot of variations.

        When you are seeking treatment of test tube baby in Punjab make sure you follow the guidelines given by our fertility doctor. This will help you to improve the chances of conception.

        Difference: Blood test Vs Home test

        With a home test for pregnancy, the hCG level is measured in urine. Well, the various types of pregnancy test has a different sensitivity level. This means using a pregnancy test that is sensitive to 100mIU is not going to help if your hCG level is 75 mIU. Additionally, these tests will not measure the level below 25 so getting accurate results a few days following the implantation is not possible.

        Having a negative result is meaningless because there would not be enough level of hCG. If the test is negative then after 2 days you should get the retest. So, wait for enough time to have an accurate result. Waiting would be the best option than considering you are not pregnant.

        This is the reason hCG blood test is an ideal choice because of their reliability and accuracy.

        Why the timing of pregnancy test is important?

        Doing the hCG blood test too soon is not going to help you in any manner. This is because some hCG is present in the body because of the injection of hCG trigger which is given before collecting the eggs.

        Testing too early is going to give the positive results so keep patience. This is the reason after 48 to 72 hours the blood test is repeated. The hCG level is healthy pregnancy is going to rise and if it does not then there is some problem. In some cases, bleeding occurs but that does not mean you are not pregnant, you should do the test.



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