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      How is the test tube baby and IVF procedure different from each other?

      How is the test tube baby and IVF procedure different from each other?


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        In some cases, couples cannot get pregnant because of the infertility issue. Well, the reasons for being able to conceive are different, and it depends on the individual case what’s the problem is. Only when you consult the fertility doctor will you know what will be suitable for your situation. One such treatment plan which is getting attention among individuals to increase the chances of conception is IVF. However, the individuals often get confused between the terms IVF & test-tube baby. When you begin your journey for infertility treatment, always consult one of the known doctors at the IVF Centre in Punjab who can guide you all the right ways to get the treatment done.

        Is there any difference between IVF and a test tube baby?

        The patient who is getting the test-tube baby will conceive through IVF. The IVF stands for IN-Vitro-Fertilization, and here the term Vitro means glass. When the fertilization happens outside the uterus in a specially controlled environment, that process is referred to as fertility treatment.

        So, to put it into the right words, IVF and test-tube babies do not have any difference from one another. Both the terms are used interchangeably by the doctor. The doctor will tell you about the Test tube baby cost only after checking your condition and performing the detailed diagnosis.

        How is the test tube baby process performed?

        If you plan to conceive through IVF or test tube baby treatment, then specific measures have to be taken. There has to be a list of steps that need to be followed to ensure the results are all effective or the chances of conception increase.

        Step 1: Stimulation

        The initial step of IVF is that multiple eggs are produced. This is done by giving fertility drugs depending on the woman’s condition. Following that, you even need to get a regular blood test to ensure your condition is managed in all ways.

        Step 2: Egg retrieval

        Once enough eggs are retrieved, they will be taken out in the count of 8 to 15. The procedure is minimally invasive and does not take much time of yours.

        Step 3: Fertilization

        Once enough count of egg and sperm is extracted, it will be kept in a cool place in the egg petri dish. Both egg and sperm are held in the right environment, which will help in increasing the chances of further steps to be done with ease.

        Step 4: Embryo development

        Following that, the embryo is developed, and it will be kept under a controlled environment to ensure everything is well-managed. When this point comes, even the medical expert is going to do the genetic testing.

        Step 5: Embryo transfer

        On the 3rd or 5th day, the embryo transfer is done as, at this point, the embryo is in a highly healthy state, and its chances of achieving the pregnancy stage are the highest.

        What are the reasons for getting test tube baby treatment?

        Well, the reasons to get test tube baby treatment are different. For every individual, the motivation to choose IVF is going to vary. Some of the significant reasons for which test tube baby treatment is selected:

        • Blocked fallopian tubes
        • Endometriosis
        • Reduced fertility in men and women
        • Uterine fibroids
        • Fear of genetic disease gets down

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