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      How the treatment of test tube baby is helpful for women to get pregnant?

      How the treatment of test tube baby is helpful for women to get pregnant?


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        The fertility problem is increasing a lot in the world. With the advancement in science and technology, it has made it possible for couples to conceive. The treatment of IVF was started on July 25, 1978. But, how this treatment is different from normal pregnancy?

        Normal Pregnancy

        Let’s understand the process of normal pregnancy before the treatment of the test tube baby in Bathinda. The eggs are produced from the ovaries which get mature every month. From both, the ovaries eggs are released every month. The egg which is released is picked by the Fallopian tube. It moves through the Fallopian tube and then goes to the uterus. Then takes place the fertilization process in which sperm and egg get together. The fertilized cell results in the development of an embryo which gets attached to the uterine wall. Once the embryo is implanted it makes the women conceive.

        Treatment of IVF

        In-Vitro-Fertilization is the assisted reproductive technology that helps the women to conceive. The treatment is really helpful when women are not able to conceive naturally.

        First, the menstrual cycle is suppressed so that the eggs are released.
        To increase the production of quality eggs women are given fertility hormones for 7 to 10 days. Once enough eggs are produced then the egg retrieval process will be done.

        To retrieve the eggs, a thin tube is inserted in the pelvic region. The needle is connected with a suction pump which retrieves the eggs. The surgical procedure is minor and medications help in eliminating the discomfort.

        The eggs are collected along with sperm in the petri dish and this allows the process of fertilization. In case, the sperm motility is not proper then sperm will be injected into the egg. After retrieving the eggs from 3 to 5 days, the embryo will be transferred back to the woman’s reproductive tract. The embryo implantation occurs within one week which helps the women to conceive. At this point, the women can experience some side effects like slight discharge, nausea, and bloating which goes within a few days.

        When the IVF treatment is used?
        IVF treatment can help in treating the various problems of infertility:

        Damaged Fallopian tubes

        Low sperm count, or low sperm motility

        In the case of a tubectomy which is a method of permanent contraception in women. The Fallopian tubes are cut at an interval and tied so that fertilization does not take place.

        Women with ovulation problems

        Men with sperm problems.

        Is the treatment risky?
        Well, the process is very safe and there is no such problem. At times, more than one embryo is transferred, so to increase the chances of pregnancy but it can increase the risk of multiple pregnancies. In that case, you must seek the help of the doctor as they can give you the best advice. However, the treatment is a boon and it has fulfilled the wish of many couples to conceive.