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      What are the different things you need to consider while undergoing IVF treatment?

      What are the different things you need to consider while undergoing IVF treatment?

      Things to be considered about IVF - Gem Hospital and IVF centre

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        IVF stands for In-Vitro Fertilization, which is specially designed for infertile couples, who are unable to conceive a baby naturally. IVF is the best treatment option that gives you a chance to conceive a baby without any problems. If you are suffering from fertility issues, then you need to visit the test tube baby centre in Punjab, so that you can get the right treatment for your condition. This will help you get rid of your fertility issue or if your male partner is also suffering from any type of fertility issue.

        Let’s have a look at IVF treatment in detail.

        IVF treatment is performed in a fertility clinic, so you have to visit that to get this treatment. In this process, your specialist first examines your ovulation cycle and then prescribes your hormone supplements so that you can produce healthy eggs. After that, they collect the eggs from the ovaries and sperm cells from your male partner for fertilization. Fertilization is the process, which is performed to develop embryos for pregnancy. At last, he transfers those embryos into your uterus so that you can get pregnant.

        Things to be considered while undergoing IVF treatment.

        IVF is not a quick fix

        Well, you may consider it as a quick fix, but this is not a quick fix. IVF treatment is only a process, which takes time to show results. And the success of this treatment option depends on several factors such as-:

        • Your age

        • Hormonal levels

        • Health condition

        • Your body weight

        • Your Eating regimen.

        • And so on.

        So, you have to wait for some time to see the results of IVF treatment because it takes time. If you are unable to produce healthy eggs then you can go with donor eggs or sperm as well.

        IVF is a great solution to male infertility as well

        Yes, it is true that male who is unable to give happiness to their partner due to sperm problems. They may suffer from low sperm count and poor sperm motility, then they need to undergo IVF treatment. This treatment option has 4 ways to collect the sperm from the male partner for fertilization such as

        • TESA

        • PESA

        • TESE

        • MESA.

        Chance of a live birth is increased

        Well, if you are getting pregnant with IVF, then there are higher chances of live birth as compared to previous years. Additionally, there is no risk of health problems in unborn babies and mothers as well. In fact, if you want to go with twins, then you can talk to your specialist so that he can transfer more embryos to your uterus.

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