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      What are the types of surrogacy and what are the steps involved in it?

      What are the types of surrogacy and what are the steps involved in it?

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        Surrogacy in Punjab

        Every woman dreams of becoming a mother, but sometimes the journey of conception is not that simple and a lot of struggle is experienced. Sometimes unprotected sex might not make it easy because of the infertility issue, which is the key factor of the woman facing the problem to conceive. Visiting the Best IVF Centre in Punjab will help you restore your dream to become parents with medical assistance. At GemIVF, the best fertility clinic in Bathinda many infertile couples have been helped to boost their pregnancy chances. If you talk about IVF and surrogacy they both are different from each other.

        IVF Vs Surrogacy

        IVF (In-Vitro-fertilization) is also known as a test-tube baby where multiple mature eggs are fertilized with healthy sperm in a controlled environment. Once the embryo is formed it is kept near the embryo inner lining to boost your conception chances.

        Surrogacy is the term in which renting or borrowing of the womb is done. A surrogate will carry your child in their womb during the 9 months to give birth to your baby. If you plan for surrogacy then better take medical assistance, so that everything is managed properly.

        What are the types of surrogacy?

        • Traditional Surrogacy

        Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate is a genetic or biological mother and through the use of an artificial insemination procedure, she can conceive.

        • Gestational Surrogacy

        Gestational surrogacy means no genetic link is there between the baby and surrogate. The surrogate eggs are used with the partner’s sperm. Later the process of IVF is used to boost the conception chances. Following that the embryo is formed which is put back into the uterus.

        What are the reasons for surrogacy?

        The reason to opt for surrogacy varies from couple to couple. In many cases, the woman’s uterus is removed through surgical treatment because of the fibroid condition. Apart from that, any other medical issue can create problems which is the reason for opting for surrogacy. Moreover, the LGBT couples, widows, single ladies, or gay couples can choose to start their family through surrogacy.

        Do you know?

        Certain requirements are there to choose a healthy surrogate:

        • Surrogate should be married and have one child
        • Idea age: 25 to 35 Years
        • Willing to do it and there should not be any commercial reason
        • Overall well-being should be perfect and do not have any sort of health issue

        What are the steps involved in surrogacy?

        • Counseling

        Proper counseling needs to be done to understand the issues linked to legal, financial, and insurance. The agreement form needs to be signed by both parties and fulfill all the legal needs.

        • Starting the treatment

        Be it ovary stimulation, taking the hormonal injection, ovum pick-up, semen collection, or necessary tests needs to be done.

        • Visit for the follow-ups

        The surrogate needs to visit for the follow-ups from time to time to take better account of their health. They need to do all things as per the necessary terms & conditions.

        Final word

        Both the approaches are different. If you are not ready to get involved in something which is not emotionally draining or complicated then you can choose IVF. If you are not able to make the final call, then schedule your initial consultation with the doctor.

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