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      What are the different symptoms and causes of infertility?

      What are the different symptoms and causes of infertility?

      common signs of infertility

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        In some cases, the couples don’t struggle to plan this journey, but at times, there are a lot of difficulties to manage it. Dealing with this situation is like experiencing a heartbreaking problem and thinking that it might go in the right direction. If you and your partner are struggling to conceive, then make sure you take enough time to know what’s wrong or why this condition happened. It’s like you need to begin your treatment journey at one of the best IVF Centre in Punjab to plan everything better and even know about the proper treatment for yourself. Infertility is the state that can happen in both men and women for different reasons, so knowing why it happened is essential.

        What are the reasons for infertility in women?

        Women’s menstrual cycle and ovulation are one of the major symptoms that are linked to infertility. Some of the symptoms that can occur are:

        • Irregular periods
        • Abnormal periods
        • No periods or it suddenly stops
        • Painful periods with pelvic pain, back pain, and cramping.

        In the case of female infertility, there are even certain symptoms that are noticed, like skin change, dark hair growth, weight gain, thinning hair, or hair loss. Although, symptoms with every woman indeed vary a lot.

        Depending on your condition, the doctor will tell you about the Test tube baby cost, which you need to pay, and what all treatment options will be there to make your reproductive state better.

        What causes fertility problems in women?

        One of the major reasons for infertility in women is not being able to ovulate, which means the ovaries will have difficulty releasing the egg. In medical terms, it’s referred to as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). Some of the other issues that affect fertility state are:

        • The issue with the fallopian tube means there will be difficulty for the egg to reach the uterus. At times, there is even infection and a condition named Endometriosis.
        • Underweight or overweight can create difficulty for the women to conceive.
        • Smoking can trigger infertility issues.
        • Cervical mucus affects the sperm’s health, and it might even slow down the process.

        What are the signs of infertility in males?

        As mentioned above, the symptoms of infertility are different in every person, and the same happens with men. Sometimes, it’s not even known the male partner is infertile till the time they start trying to conceive. Some of the infertility symptoms in the male are:

        • Changes in hair growth
        • Changes in sexual desire
        • Small, firm testicles
        • Pain, lump, or swelling in the testicles
        • Problems with erections and ejaculation


        What are the causes of infertility in males?

        Male infertility is triggered when there is an issue with the sperm, and it will include the following cases:

        • Sperm count is lower than normal, or there is no sperm in the semen.
        • Abnormally formed sperm
        • Sperm ducts are blocked
        • Sperm movement is not normal as it should be, which triggers low sperm motility



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