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      What are the effects of diabetes on reproductive and sexual health?

      What are the effects of diabetes on reproductive and sexual health?

      diabetes and reproductive health

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        Diabetes is known to have a considerable effect on reproductive health. The fertility experts at the IVF centre in Punjab have observed that 80% of the infertility cases have come into existence owing to diabetic problems. The test-tube baby cost is considerably low in India as compared to the other countries, this is the main reason that people are so comfortable visiting the fertility centres whenever they face any infertility issues.

        So in today’s blog, we shall be learning about the consequences of the diabetes on reproductive health:

        Before learning about the consequences, we must know about diabetes.

        Diabetes is a condition that is encountered when the sugar (glucose) in your body gets increased. Insulin is the hormone that is accountable for lowering blood sugar.

        Do you know?

        The insulin is built in the pancreas.

        But if going to any faulty condition, the pancreas stops producing these hormones, then the blood sugar level keeps on getting increased.

        Erectile dysfunctioning

        It is common that the males who are having the problem of blood pressure or encounter fluctuations in the blood pressure levels, then are sure to experience the problem of erectile dysfunctioning, Erectile dysfunctioning is the problem in which many face a problem in maintaining the erection.

        Low sex drive

        Both the genders who are suffering from the problems of the debates or the blood pressure are sure to experience a problem in the sex drive. For some people, it is not a problem, but for others, it is surely a problem as it is highly accountable for disturbing relationships.

        Retrograde ejaculation

        This is a condition in which the semen does not get released out from the body. Rather it gets flown back to the bladder. This is also a problematic condition. This can happen when the muscles at the opening of the bladder are not closed properly.


        Balanitis is the problem that is accountable for causing the inflammation effect at the end of the penis. This thing can disturb your sexual experience.


        You are advised to report the problem to the doctor the very first time when you encounter this problem.

        Whom should you consult in that regard?

        No sooner, you encounter positive diabetes reports, than you should report the same to the doctor. The early consultation with the doctor will ensure that the reproductive or sexual consequences are not getting worsened. The doctors either with the help of the specifications or with the therapies try to control the diabetic condition from getting expanded.

        Final thoughts

        Now if you are confused about which doctor you should choose for the consultation, then we would like to suggest that you should not think twice to visit us. We have been in the service of infertile couples for so many years. We are committed to making each couple happy and blessed with the baby.