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      What are the reasons behind male infertility and its treatment options?

      What are the reasons behind male infertility and its treatment options?

      Male Infertility causes and treatment - Gem Hospital and IVF centre

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        Earlier it was thought that fertility problem was only linked with women and treatment was also only for them. But with the advancement in technology, it has made it possible to treat the infertility problem in men. With time people are getting to know more about the treatment.

        Male Infertility

        In case the sperm count is low then men may have erectile dysfunction problem which is the reason behind male infertility. Due to this, the conception can become difficult.

        Keep in mind if you are trying for 12 months with unprotected sex but you are not able to conceive then you should seek help from the fertility doctor. Make sure that you get the treatment from the best Test tube baby Center in Punjab.

        Reasons behind Male Infertility

        Infertility problems in men can occur due to different reasons. There might be health issues that are affecting sperm production. Blockage or obstruction in the tubes from testicles to the penis can hamper the sperm ejaculation negatively.

        Common causes

        • Groin area is affected due to the previous injury.
        • Past surgeries like vasectomy or hernia repair.
        • Urinary tract infection or STDs.
        • Allergy or Infection which does not allow the sperm to enter the female reproductive system.
        • Hormonal Imbalance
        • Exposed to harmful chemicals and radiation like cancer treatment


        Treating the Male Infertility

        According to the patient’s case, the fertility doctor will suggest the treatment. Here are some of the options:

        • Vasectomy Reversal

        Vasectomy reversal surgery is performed by the fertility experts and it can increase the conception chances to around 50%. In this procedure, the tubes are connected again. The surgery is performed by giving the patient anesthesia.

        • Sperm Retrieval

        In some cases there is ejaculation issue or sperm count is low in which sperm retrieval is suggested by the doctor by doing the method of TESE, PESA, and TESA.

        Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a procedure which helps the eggs to get fertilized. With this procedure, the sperm of high-quality is selected so that the embryo development process can be started. The method is considered highly effective when it is combined with the IVF procedure.

        • Ejaculatory duct resection

        In case there is a blockage in the duct then minor surgery can help which is performed under general or local anesthesia.

        • Varicocele Repair

        This is done to improve sperm mobility, count, and motility. According to your problem, the doctor will tell you which option will work best for you.

        In case you have been trying for a long time but kept failing or have frequent miscarriage then you should visit the fertility clinic. No matter what problems the couple is facing they will get proper care and support which will help them to have a healthy pregnancy.