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      What is hymenoplasty and its benefits? Is the procedure successful?

      What is hymenoplasty and its benefits? Is the procedure successful?

      Hymen Repair Surgery Bathinda

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        Hymenoplasty: Surgical Reconstruction of Hymen Tissues

        All thanks to medical advancement, everything is possible. From getting the glowing skin to getting your body transformed the way you want. Be it a new nose, breast reconstruction, jaw, and even a new hymen, all is possible with hymen reconstruction surgery or restoration which is known as hymenoplasty.

        The hymen is a ring-like membrane in the woman’s vagina. In many cases, it ruptures due to vigorous exercise or sexual penetration. In many cases, the woman decides to undergo this surgical reconstruction. If you are planning to get it done, then you should schedule your appointment at the best IVF Centre in Punjab. At Gem IVF, our experienced doctors will give you the proper treatment plan and talk you through the entire process.

        What are the benefits of hymenoplasty?

        • This surgical approach allows the women to have better control over the entire situation. It means the woman is worried about her future because of living in a conservative society and if she has been sexually active before the marriage. In that case, this approach can restore the hymen to their original state.
        • Not only that, if a woman has been in a sexual assault who wants to get over the traumatic event and memories can choose this approach.
        • Some women would choose this approach to feel young again.

        How is the hymenoplasty procedure performed?

        Hymenorrhaphy or hymenoplasty is likely to be done months or years after the woman has lost her virginity. The procedure is carried out by an experienced surgeon.

        • During the procedure, the hymen torn edges are put together. When it is done correctly, the hymen will appear like new, and when the women have sexual penetration.
        • The suture is dissolvable on its own. Following the surgery, you have to stay in the hospital for 5 to 6 hours.
        • This surgery is performed under anesthesia to reduce the pain and discomfort. The surgery will take around one hour to finish.

        Just make sure that after the surgery you do not get into any kind of vigorous activity and follow any other necessary tip given by the surgeon.

        Is hymenoplasty successful?

        The reconstruction of hymen tissue’s success rate is around 98%. The results or success rate is likely to get affected when the woman does not follow the doctor’s advice or she is facing any type of complication. So, after the surgery, you have to be careful about following the advice of your gynecologist.

        What does recovery feel like with hymenoplasty?

        Recovery is minimal and the patient can get back to their normal routine the day after surgery or when the patient feels comfortable. Although complete healing will take around 4 weeks. Just make sure that you follow a good hygiene routine and any other advice your doctor has given you. In case, you have the following symptoms:

        • Fever
        • Bleeding from the vagina
        • Abdominal pain

        In that case, you have to consult the medical expert to make sure there is nothing serious or if there is any problem then what you have to do.

        If you would like to undergo this surgical approach then get in touch with our medical expert and get all the desired information about the procedure.