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      Which are the essential factors to consider for the IUI success rate?

      Which are the essential factors to consider for the IUI success rate?

      Important Factors To Determine IUI Success Rate

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        IUI Procedure For Infertility

        IUI – Intrauterine Insemination is one of the highly suggested options for infertility. When the couple is trying to conceive, the journey is not that easy, leading to many difficulties. The procedure is also known as artificial insemination, and there’s no need for fertility medications. So, if you are trying to conceive but the journey is not going so smoothly, seek assistance from one of the known Gynecologist in Bathinda to make the condition better.

        What happens during the IUI procedure?

        During IUI, the sperm get’s washed through a particular procedure. Then the sperm is placed into the uterus through a thin tube. The process allows it to makes it easier for the sperm and egg to meet. Through an experienced fertility doctor at IUI Centre in Punjab, the procedure is done effectively in all possible ways.

        Who is a suitable candidate for the IUI procedure?

        IUI is a non-invasive method and highly affordable. The procedure is less invasive than other forms of infertility treatment. The possible options where IUI makes the suitable choice are:

        • Unexplained infertility
        • Low sperm count
        • Decreased sperm motility
        • Mild endometriosis
        • A single woman who wants to conceive
        • Issues with the cervix or cervical mucus
        • Problems with erection or ejaculation
        • To prevent the chances of a child getting the genetic condition

        Important factors that influence the success rate of IUI

        The IUI success rate depends on several factors. Initially, the doctor will make a detailed diagnosis of both partners. Afterward, the requirement of different tests to analyze the condition. Now, let’s get talking about the factors that influence IUI success rate:

        • For unexplained infertility

        The egg count is good with a healthy uterus, one fallopian tube is open, and the required sperm count. As a whole, the success rate goes from 7% to 10%. With fertility medications, the success rate goes from 15% to 25%.

        • One fertility tube is open

        Sometimes, one tube is open, and the other is blocked. The IUI success rate dramatically depends upon the blockage location. The success rate varies accordingly:

        • Blockage near the ovary – 11.7% success rate
        • Blockage close to uterus – 38.1%
        • Factor of male infertility but no severe sperm issue

        IUI makes the perfect choice for male factor infertility and no sperm issue. The approach is great as sperm is kept near the egg. The IUI success rate goes to around 18% for this situation.

        • Age

        Age is one of the imperative factors for any infertility treatment. With the increase in age, the egg quality declines considerably. Here’s the success rate depending upon the age factor:

        Age IUI success rate
        Under 35 years 13%
        Age 35 to 37 10%
        Age 38 to 40 9%
        Age above 40 3% to 9%

        The doctor will time the ovulation and then plan your IUI procedure to make the procedure go smoothly.

        What are the situations when IUI has a low success rate?

        • Moderate to Severe Endometriosis
        • Multiple pelvic infections
        • Severe fallopian tube
        • The male partner does not produce sperm
        • Fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged

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