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      Which are the frequently asked questions about female sexual dysfunction?

      Which are the frequently asked questions about female sexual dysfunction?


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        If we are talking about sexual dysfunction, then it is the most common problem which most women usually suffer from (irrespective of the period). Sexual problems in females may range from the following:

        • No sex drive
        • Trouble in having an orgasm
        • Extreme pain during the intercourse


        What exactly is satisfying sex?

        Satisfying sex is one kind of the pleasurable sex which includes all the following:

        • Body
        • Mind
        • Health
        • Beliefs
        • Feelings

        Which conditions can be held responsible to make your sex uncomfortable?

        In case the individual is suffering from the following, then he may end up experiencing discomfort in the sex:

        • Heart Diseases
        • Diabetes
        • Thyroid diseases
        • Nerve Conditions

        These conditions are responsible for making it hard for you to get sexually aroused or reach climax.

        What can be held responsible for changing the sexual experience?

        The following can be held responsible for destroying the sexual experience:

        • Radiation treatment
        • Surgery involving the opening of the vagina

        In these situations, many infections may bother you like: genital herpes.

        • After the female has delivered the healthy baby, then she may suffer deteriorated sexual pleasure.
        • If the female is a breastfeeding mother, then the low levels of estrogen may lead to vaginal dryness. In those cases, you may lack energy.
        • When the woman has reached the stage of menopause, then she may suffer from either vaginal dryness or a lack of libido.

        Does mood also affect sexual pleasure?

        If you are in the right mood and you have a great bond with your partner, then the sexual intimacy will come out to be pleasurable for both. In case the female is bothered by any of the following, then she may suffer from the following:

        • Depression
        • Anxiety
        • Stress
        • Past sexual abuse
        • Low self-esteem

        Can drinking affect sexual life?

        Drinking can affect the sexual life by making the orgasm longer for you because of which you may start feeling less intense. Not only the drinking, but the consumption of the following can also make your sexual life affected:

        • Tobacco
        • Smoking
        • Prolonged use of the heroin

        How can the various medications affect your sex life?

        There are a variety of medications that are accountable for making you experience the following;

        • Less Pleasurable sex
        • Dampen sex drive
        • Vaginal discomfort

        Following are the types of drugs which can contribute to the deterioration of the sex life:

        • High blood pressure drugs
        • Antidepressants
        • Antipsychotic medications
        • Epilepsy drugs
        • Certain cancer drugs
        • Medication for urinary tract infection
        • Steroids

        How can medical treatments help to make your sexual life pleasurable?

        There are various kinds of medications that may contribute to making your sexual life pleasurable:

        • Drugs can be used to raise the lowered libido
        • The kegel exercises can strengthen the muscles of the pelvis which can help you in achieving a better orgasm.
        • The intake of various inflammatory drugs before intercourse can help to lower the pain.

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