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      Which situations convince you to take up the IVF and the ICSI procedure?

      Which situations convince you to take up the IVF and the ICSI procedure?

      Why take up IVF and ICSI?

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        ICSI is a procedure that is sought by those couples who are facing difficulty in conceiving with the help of the natural procedure. According to the fertility experts of the Best IVF centre in Punjab, “Many of the people are of the view that IVF procedure is the only ART procedure which can help with the conception.” Some people do not even wish to inquire about the cost as they have pre-assumed that the test tube baby cost in India is significantly expensive. But it is not so. It is considerably low in Punjab as compared to the other regions. 

        In today’s Blog, we are going to talk about the reasons why you should be taking ICSI treatment.

        Reasons to take up the ICSI treatment 

        In a few cases, the sperms are not able to penetrate the outer layer of the egg which is usually thickened, due to some reasons. With the ICSI procedure, the requirement to take the use of the sperms directly in account,  to fertilize the egg with the natural procedure can be eliminated. The other common reasons for which the couple may require to undergo the ICSI treatment are as follow: 

        • The male partner is producing a few sperms, because of which the significant sperms are not being produced for the natural fertilization process. The ICSI procedure aims at fertilising the eggs with the chosen sperms. 
        • The sperms may or may not be found moving unusually, which we usually know as the sperm motility. 
        • The sperms may be having trouble in getting attached to the egg and to further penetrate so that it may reach the inside for the fertilization process.
        • If there is any blockage in the reproductive tract then the couple may face difficulty in conceiving and before taking up the IVF procedure, the fertility experts may decide to take the minimally invasive procedures into account like the ICSI.

        What if the ICSI procedure will not come up with successful results?

        In case this procedure does not help the couple with the conception, then the other ART procedure like IVF will be taken into account: 


        IVF which stands for in-vitro fertilization is the procedure in which first of all the eggs from the ovaries will be attained and they will be fertilised with the sperms which have been obtained from the semen sample. The fertilised eggs will be known as embryos. The embryos will then be observed for a few days which is known as the incubation period. The best-chosen embryo will be implanted in the womb (uterus).

        Why should you take up the IVF?

        The IVF procedure will be taken into account in case of the following: 

        Two predominant reasons that are not usually discussed. 

        Same-sex relationship

        If a couple is in a same-sex relationship, then it is impossible to conceive with the natural procedure. But if the couple wants to have the baby then they can count on the IVF procedure. 

        Donor eggs and sperms are to be used 

        In case the couple wants to conceive with the donor eggs and the sperm, then an IVF procedure is best in this regard. 

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