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      Which treatment option is better IVF and ICSI for infertility?

      Which treatment option is better IVF and ICSI for infertility?


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        Which treatment is better between ICSI and IVF?

        There’s even thought about understanding which treatment option is better for the infertile couple, IVF and ICSI. No doubt, the infertile couple already has thoughts about which choice to go for to improve the overall success rate of the pregnancy journey. And in that case, you should visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab and seek the supervision of the fertility doctor to analyze what’s the right approach and what situation would be appropriate for you.

        IVF treatment for an infertile couple

        IVF is one of the inventive and advanced methods of ART to boost the overall success rate of infertile couples. During IVF, the egg and sperm are combined together to result in fertilization. After that, the embryo is formed to result in better results for the pregnancy. The fertility doctor makes sure to transfer the embryo when it’s present at the blastocyst stage, as it improves the overall success rate of the treatment. After two weeks, the fertility doctor will call you again at the clinic to check for the pregnancy.

        Please Note!

        Every infertile couple’s situation varies from one another. So, the total Test tube baby Cost in Punjab depends upon the combination of various factors. To know better about the same you should schedule an initial consultation with the fertility doctor and seek a better understanding of everything.

        ICSI Treatment

        The choice of ICSI is appropriate for couples who have severe cases of male infertility. During ICSI, the doctor takes single sperm and inserts it directly into the egg to boost the overall success rate of the treatment. And that’s what allows us to make the journey much better. So, individuals with severe cases of male infertility with poor sperm motility, improper sperm shape, and other factors are suggested to seek this option to make the journey much better. Additionally, in many cases, the option of IVF-ICSI is combined to make everything seem much better & effective. Moreover, it can work effectively in all cases of infertility.

        Which treatment is best to improve the chances of conception?

        Well, there’s no right or wrong for the same. For every individual, the journey of conception is different. To analyze better which choice is appropriate for your condition, there are different factors that the doctor will take into consideration:

        • Age
        • Reason behind infertility
        • Overall health
        • And combination of other factors

        So, it’s the combinational approach that just makes everything better and more effective. And the fertility doctor will tell you better about which choice is right for you.

        Are you struggling to conceive?

        If you are struggling to conceive and looking to get answers about which sort of treatment journey is appropriate for you, then schedule an initial consultation at Gem Hospital & IVF centre.