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      Why is the ERA test performed for couples with repeated failure of pregnancy?

      Why is the ERA test performed for couples with repeated failure of pregnancy?

      ERA test - Repeated Pregnancy Failure

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        In many cases, when a couple tries to conceive they deal with repeated pregnancy failure. You must visit the Best IVF Centre in Punjab to improve your conception chances and better plan for your IVF journey. If you are dealing with this situation, then schedule your initial consultation at our fertility clinic in Bathinda: Gem Hospital and IVF Centre. The couples who are dealing with the repeated failure of pregnancy should get the ERA test. Do you know, ‘What it is?’ Worry not, in this blog we are going to discuss the same with you.

        ERA test for the repeated failure of pregnancy

        ERA test (Endometrial Receptivity Array) is the best to check the ideal time to perform embryo transfer and how the desired success can be achieved. Most often it is seen that the egg implantation process fails (This occurs when the embryo appears to be healthy and the uterine cavity is normal). So, what is the problem in this situation?

        Well! There are high chances that the endometrium inner lining is not right. Infertility can occur when the uterus cannot have control over holding the embryo. Several studies have pointed out the fact that embryo quality is extremely essential which means uterus receptivity is extremely crucial when IVF treatment is considered.

        Medical advancement taking new turns: ERA Test

        ERA test helps determine how well is the woman’s uterus to deal with the embryo kept near the uterus lining. The test focus is not just on the receptivity but it makes it easier to understand the total time needed to perform the embryo transfer. It will boost the conception chances to a great extent.

        Do not limit the factor to just one thing

        No doubt, choosing the best embryo is important but that is not just the one factor that should be focused upon. Understand the other scenario when the woman is young her quality of eggs is perfect but still, the pregnancy is not possible. So, what is the problem with this? In such a condition, the problem is with the endometrial factor. This is where the ERA test is important to be done.

        ERA test is great to analyze different factors

        With the ERA test, the endometrial receptivity is checked to understand the gene expression for the endometrial lining which is specified when the ovulation is going on. Through this, around 238 genes are analyzed and the best time for each woman to get the implantation is considered.

        How beneficial is the ERA test?

        Through the ERA test various factors are considered like:

        • Shows High Sensitivity
        • Gene Expression Profile with receptivity

        The total number of IVF cycles needed will be less as the things are better analyzed. Most important is the fear of going through a miscarriage.

        Embryo freezing is a great choice

        You know it is best that the embryo is frozen and this way in later stages you can get the healthy embryo transferred. As the ERA test helps to know better about the receptivity in the uterus at a particular time then the best embryo is selected which makes it easier to perform successful implantation.

        Schedule your initial consultation

        If you are going through the phase of repeated pregnancy failure, then talk to your fertility expert about the ERA test and when you need to get it done. Book your initial appointment to know more.