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      Will taking birth control make it difficult to conceive naturally?

      Will taking birth control make it difficult to conceive naturally?

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        Do you know, ‘What’s one of the greatest ironies in life?’

        When a woman’s fertility is at a peak she takes measures to prevent pregnancy and once she is ready she faces difficulty. We all know this could happen but still, we try to ignore the situation and in the future, we have to face the complications. With age, a lot of changes occur in the body from experiencing a sexual problem in females to diminished ovarian reserve. Now! Coming back to the question. If you are above 30 and you notice it is getting difficult for you to conceive then there are high chances your fertility is lagging due to some reason.

        Does birth control make it difficult to get pregnant?

        Do you have this concern in your mind, ‘Is my chosen birth control affecting my chances to conceive?’ Answer: NO! NO! NO!

        No matter what kind of birth control you use, your chances of pregnancy are not affected. Although certain hormone-based contraceptives come with certain risks, they won’t lead to infertility.

        How long does it take for ovulation to get normal after taking hormonal birth control?

        The birth control suggested by your gynae can help you to prevent pregnancy although don’t worry that it will affect your fertility once you stop its use. Although, your ovulation will take some time to get back to its normal state. But, you must be wondering, ‘How much is the wait time?’

        We know, the WAIT TIME can be difficult. In some cases, it is possible that after stopping the birth control your ovulation comes back to its normal state within 4 months. On the other hand, in certain cases, ovulation can occur right away.

        Are there any exceptions?

        YES! There is one exception and that is the Depo-provera injection. The research has shown that the women who take these injections can have their ovulation come back to its original state after 5.5 months or sometimes it might take 18 months. Due to this, your fertility can be put at stake.

        Tubal Ligation

        Tubal ligation is the method to tie the tubes which are referred to as the method of permanent birth control or sterilization. The procedures include cutting, clamping, and sealing the tubes which prevent pregnancy. The effectiveness of this method is around 99%. You can get more information by consulting the doctor.

        Copper IUD

        The copper intrauterine device is helpful to prevent pregnancy. The copper ions are used which prevents the women’s chances to conceive as sperm is destroyed. During this approach, the hormones are not affected and it means the ovulation cycle & fertility are also normal.

        Consult the doctor if you face a problem conceiving

        In case you think your fertility is affected as you have been trying to conceive for the last 1 year, then you have to consult the doctor. Depending on your reproductive age the doctor will suggest you the right treatment plan. So, if you suspect any problem or want to ensure you do not have any infertility issues then book your initial consultation with our fertility expert.