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      Fertility: What is it like for a woman to conceive at 45 age?

      Fertility: What is it like for a woman to conceive at 45 age?

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        Fertility Treatment Options For Women After 45

        Are you planning to conceive after 45? Trying to start a family at such an age can create a factor of worry and nervousness as to what to do or whether this journey will reach the final stage it’s supposed to. When you visit the top-rated IVF Centre in Punjab and consult the fertility doctor, only then will it make you realize better what options you have.

        Keep in mind that with the increase in the mother’s age, the total count of healthy eggs decreases, or reproductive health is affected. Making yourself familiar with the entire situation and all your treatment options is necessary. With the advancement in medical science, many things have improved, and it continues to do so with time. The test tube baby treatment or IVF cycle is the most appropriate approach for infertile couples or individuals. That’s not all; the Test tube baby cost in India is affordable compared to other developed nations. Considering the same, the number of international patients is increasing seeking IVF cycles in India.

        Is there any factor of risk involved with pregnancy at 45?

        Trying to conceive at the age of 45 automatically increases the risk related to pregnancy by all means. As you are trying at this age, the necessary treatment plan should only start after counseling. Such a scenario plays an imperative part in helping you choose the right treatment and make a well-informed decision. Moreover, an increase in age means more health issues which are likely to contribute more to problems.

        One more thing is if the woman has conceived at a young age and delivered a baby, then, ‘How it went?’ or ‘Whether there were any complications in that phase?’

        Egg donation and women over 45

        Trying to get pregnant at 45 only increases the value of undergoing an egg donation cycle and choosing a single embryo transfer. Planning for pregnancy in this way reduces the chances of twin pregnancy. Apart from these are different factors that doctors ask you to get done to help your pregnancy journey be carried out with ease.

        • Genetic matching with the donor along with sperm donor or recipients.
        • PGTA plays an imperative part in selecting quality embryos for transfer procedures.

        Being informed about risk is imperative

        When you are trying to start a family after 45, you are likely to have hypertension problems. As the situation gets worse, there is a risk of preeclampsia, and if the problem is severe, the only way is to terminate the pregnancy. Along with that, there is the problem of renal failure. Undoubtedly, such factors are manageable when you take the best care of yourself.

        Does BMI play an essential role even if donor eggs are used?

        YES! BMI is crucial to boost the success of the treatment even though it’s donor eggs. Neither should it be too low or too high. So, it’s important to keep it under the normal age to let your pregnancy journey go in the right direction.

        Is the supplement intake different for women trying to conceive at the age of 45?

        No! Similar supplements are given to the women. Like folic acid, living a healthy lifestyle, and planning a healthy diet plan.

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