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      What are the symptoms of PCOD? What are its possible treatment options?

      What are the symptoms of PCOD? What are its possible treatment options?

      PCOD treatment

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        What is PCOD?

        PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovary Disease which occurs with several symptoms. The main reason behind this condition is the increase in the male hormone levels in women’s bodies. This condition affects the woman’s menstrual cycle which can make it difficult for her to conceive.

        If that is the case, then the doctor will suggest you undergo IVF treatment. When you visit the best IVF centre in Punjab, the doctor will suggest the treatment plan by closely checking your condition and doing several tests. In addition, the test tube baby cost on average starts from Rs 50,000. Depending on your situation the doctor will give you an exact estimate of the treatment cost.

        What are the symptoms of PCOD?

        • Problem with the menstrual cycle

        Due to PCOS, the woman faces the problem of oligomenorrhea which results in 9 or less than that menstrual cycle in one year. In addition, it is also possible to deal with the condition of no periods which is known as amenorrhea. In addition, there are other types of menstrual issues which can occur with this condition.

        • Infertility

        This condition can make it difficult for women to conceive on their own. All this is because of the problem with ovulation.

        • Increase in male hormones

        In medical terms, it is referred to as hyperandrogenism which can result in increased hair growth on different parts of the body. In addition, it can affect the menstrual cycle which is the most common one. Around 1/3rd of the women have to deal with this situation.

        • Metabolic disorder

        With this condition, the woman will have trouble with her weight. It can also be linked with the issue of insulin resistance. The research has shown that this condition can lead to fat deposits all over the body which eventually make it difficult to ovulate like normal and the menstrual cycle is affected.

        What is the PCOD treatment?

        Although, there is no such specific treatment plan. But the doctor will suggest you make some changes in your daily routine. Like if you are overweight then you need to lose weight. Studies have even pointed out that losing 5% to 10% of the weight will make a difference. Along with lifestyle changes, the doctor will suggest you take some medications and it includes the 4 major categories:

        • Get the insulin resistance level under control
        • Help to improve your fertility level
        • Give you treatment to manage the hirsutism or acne breakouts
        • Treatment to make your menstrual cycle come back to normal. Reducing the risk of endometrial cancers and endometrial hyperplasia.

        Get the treatment on time

        With this condition, you must get the treatment started on time. Get yourself diagnosed by the doctor as early as possible so that your condition is properly managed. Moreover, she will suggest to you the IVF treatment plan as per your condition which boosts your chances of conception. Schedule your initial consultation at the earliest.

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