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      Everything you need to know about the ERA test for implantation failure

      Everything you need to know about the ERA test for implantation failure

      ERA Test For Implantation Failure

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        Have you ever wondered, ‘How do individuals facing recurrent or repeated implantation failure manage the situation?’ As you are about to head the pregnancy road you are thinking what if something bad happens or your IVF cycle implantation phase does not go smoothly. Indeed! The IVF cycle has several things in it which are needed to ensure the process goes with ease:

        • Retrieving the right amount & good quality eggs
        • The fertilization rate has to be top-notch
        • Embryos with good quality & best in health

        But, sometimes the reason behind infertility is not known or it does create problems in making sure the best results are achieved. This is the reason the availability of the new test is allowing the pregnancy journey to go with ease. If you are in a dilemma about what step you should take next then schedule your initial consultation at one of the best IVF centre in Punjab.

        What are the causes behind implantation failure?

        There are different factors that are the reason for implantation failure and some of them are mentioned below:

        • Genetic abnormalities

        The problem of a genetic abnormality or chromosomal issue is noticed in women especially those who are older. With age, the problem with eggs increases. This is the reason, studies have shown that the implantation rate gets down with increasing age & it is way down when you are under 25.

        Well! It’s not just about the issue with eggs but sometimes there is a problem with sperm. To counter the situation the fertility expert suggests PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening). If the problem is worse, then the doctor will suggest using the donor eggs or donor sperm.

        Are you worried about your reproductive health due to increasing age? Make sure to seek medical assistance by visiting one of the best Test tube baby centre in Bathinda.

        • Uterine receptivity issue

        In case of the genetic reason is not the factor of failure then receptivity issues are analyzed. Such cases can occur due to several factors like:

        • The anatomical issue with the shape
        • Uterus positioning
        • Disorder or hormonal imbalance
        • Autoimmune issue
        • Thyroid issue
        • Endometrial lining problem

        So, doing the ERA test in both the above-mentioned situations will make it much easier to customize the treatment.

        ERA test working

        ERA test is done for genetics to analyze the endometrial tissue & check whether it is right for embryo implantation or not. When the tissue lining is not proper then success chances will get affected.

        If the lining is receptive then genetic material is better analyzed which helps in giving that best expression. Around 236 genes per sample are given along that endometrial tissue level is analyzed by checking the cycle on different levels. The expressions are the key reason for checking the receptivity or non-receptivity to the fullest. If everything seems to be in sync then further treatment is carried out.

        Make yourself informed by consulting the fertility doctor

        You must keep yourself informed in all ways. If by any chance something is not known to you then better consult the fertility expert for the same. Gem Hospital & IVF centre has availability of all the best fertility treatment options to make the pregnancy journey easy for you.

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