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      Expert tips, ‘Ensure to take care of your health following the embryo transfer’

      Expert tips, ‘Ensure to take care of your health following the embryo transfer’


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        Transfer day is one of the most exciting times during the IVF process. No doubt, this is one of the important phases of the IVF cycle as it leads up to the journey of conception. Just make sure that the journey of embryo transfer goes as smoothly as possible and for this, you have to follow the doctor’s instructions every single time. Leading an ultra-healthy lifestyle is the way to make the embryo ready in all ways.

        Bear in mind, health should be the priority and this is what you will be told while undergoing the treatment at the IVF Centre in Punjab. Bear in mind, the embryo is not going to fall out or result in any issue. It’s better to be careful and do all those things which are suggested by the IVF doctor.

        TIPS: Take care of yourself while getting the Embryo Transfer

        As you visit one of the leading IVF centre, the doctor will make you familiar with the Test tube baby cost and in the same manner, the necessary instructions are told so that the entire phase goes smoothly. Make sure you do not follow any sort of vigorous regime like running, twisting, or lifting any sort of heavy material. The further necessary measures to take after the embryo transfer are mentioned in the above part:

        • Pamper yourself

        When the embryo gets implanted, it’s better to relax and stay positive about everything. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed so that it’s easier for you to focus on the important stuff. Following the embryo transfer, it’s better to take down a stroll on the beach or even in the park. Relax your mind, and do that the way you like that. If it feels like something cannot be done then better ask your partner for help.

        • Take all the medications on time

        If the doctor has suggested you take any medication then better take that on time. Most importantly, the doctor suggests progesterone which works great during the pregnancy phase. So, better take this for the time suggested by the doctor.

        • Eat healthy and tasty food

        You have to follow a healthy diet so that your baby gets all sorts of nutrients. Daily, get all those vitamins on time suggested by the doctor. Moreover, also take them for enough time.

        • Folic acid is important

        Just like vitamins, it’s essential to take all supplements, especially folic acid. Research has shown that its intake limits the chance of heart defects, neural tube defects, and many other health issues. Consult the doctor about which sort of folic acid you have to take.

        Doctor’s guidance and your careful approach

        It’s the combined approach of following everything carefully as told by the IVF doctor and making sure not even a single factor is lost behind. Some of the additional tips to take care of after embryo transfer

        • Be cautious and prompt if any troublesome symptom is noticed
        • Limit exposure to endocrine-disrupting
        • No need to take the pregnancy test, till the time you consult the doctor
        • Abstain from sexual activities