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      Best IVF Centre in Sangrur

      Assistive Reproduction Techniques for Modern Infertility Problems

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      Fertility Problem:

      Fertility problems in today’s youth have emerged as a big problem. This infertility condition is bothering the psychological and physical health. But you can step into the new and hopeful world of IVF treatment at the Best IVF Centre in Sangrur, like Gem Hospital & IVF Centre. There are a lot more new and advanced assisted reproduction techniques that have gained attention in the past few years.

      Awareness Needed:

      One should be aware of the latest invention and development techniques in the field of fertility to know all the possibilities for their infertility problems and go with the best solution which suits their problems. These innovations are no less than a new door of opportunities for couples willing to achieve their dream of having a complete family. 

      Ray of Hope:  

      There is no doubt that traditional IVF treatment has been helping many couples since it was developed and gained popularity. Almost every family and person is well aware of the effectiveness of IVF if done well. Fertility Hospital in Sangrur, like Gem Hospital & IVF Centre, gives a ray of light to the dark home of infertile couples. 

      Personalized Solutions: 

      In assisted reproduction techniques, not only IVF, many more procedures and techniques like IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and ICSI ( Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) are the more tailored and personalized solutions for the individual’s personal needs.


      IUI — is also known as an artificial insemination technique. This is a less invasive procedure, which is why many more people are choosing it for assistive reproduction. The method concerns the direct injection of sperm into the uterus for fertilization. The straightforward injection of sperm into the woman’s uterus is done when the woman goes through ovulation. This process is genuinely developed for the mild male infertility factor among individuals. 


      ICSI— this procedure is no less than a marvel in the assistive reproduction process. This process includes an accurate level of precision in sperm injection. This process is similar to the IUI but is way more accurate than the IUI. You can say that the single sperm is taken and directly injected into the ovary’s eggs to start fertilization. 

      These procedures are beneficial in helping male infertility conditions. The processes like IUI & ICSI are aimed at individuals who cannot reproduce due to low sperm count. These processes are suggested by the best Gynaecologist in Sangrur like Dr. Neera Gupta from Gem Hospital & IVF Centre for individuals facing infertility due to motility issues. These procedures just maximized the chances of fertilization. 


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