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      Test Tube Baby Cost

      Test Tube Baby Cost In Bathinda, Punjab

      Test Tube Baby cost In Bathinda, Punjab, Parenthood is one of the most important phases in a couple’s life. In case, you are someone who is not able to get pregnant naturally, then fertility treatment can help you with that. Gem Hospital and IVF Centre are one of the well-known test tube baby centre in Punjab that has helped couples to boost their conception chances. Most importantly, the test tube baby cost in Bathinda is affordable as compared to any other place. On average, the test tube baby treatment cost starts from Rs 90,000/-. Depending on the region you are in the cost will vary. Test tube baby treatment is a medical treatment in which sperm and egg are fertilized together in a controlled environment. It is one of the most innovative treatments whose success rate is higher as compared to any other fertility treatment. With this medical treatment, your chances of conception will improve to a great extent.

      Test Tube Baby Centre In Bathinda, Punjab

      Should I choose test tube baby treatment?

      Test Tube Baby treatment is the most beneficial treatment for infertile couples who are not able to conceive on their own. Infertility treatment is given to both men and women. Depending on the condition, the patient treatment plan will be made. Here are some of the reasons in which it can be beneficial are:

      Reasons to get fertility treatment for female

      • Blocked Fallopian Tube.
      • Suffering from severe endometriosis.
      • Problems in ovaries/uterus.
      • Advanced age.

      Reasons to get fertility treatment for male

      • Having low sperm count, low motility.
      • Unexplained Infertility
      • Other fertilization issues

      Why should you undergo Test tube baby treatment?

      At our Test tube baby centre, the patients are given customized treatment plans. The patient’s condition is diagnosed to understand the reason for infertility and what treatment plan will boost the patient success rate. With our team of experts, you will get expert advice as their skills and understanding regarding innovative treatment will give you the results you are expecting.

      At our fertility centre, you will get all the types of Assisted Reproductive Technology. We have been serving patients for a long time. Here are some of the reasons to get the treatment from us:

      • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Fertility clinic In Bathinda
      • Highly experienced fertility expert
      • Highly trained and proficient staff
      • Availability of all the latest Test tube baby treatment under one roof
      • Ultra-modern and updated treatment options
      • Well maintained and hygienic test tube baby laboratory
      • Proper accommodation for the patients from different cities.
      • Serving the patients with the right approach
      • Treatment for infertility and all gynecological-related health conditions.
      • A high label of sterility is maintained.

      History: Test Tube Baby

      In 1978, Sir Robert Geoffrey Edwards and gynaecologist Patrick Steptoe produced a test-tube baby for the infertile patient. In England, the first test-tube baby was born. Now the treatment is referred to as IVF. It is important to understand that there is no difference between a test-tube baby and IVF treatment. All because of this treatment, the couple struggling to get pregnant on their own will have an improved success rate. Due to this treatment, many couples have been able to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.  The treatment has improved a lot with time and the way it is done has helped to boost the success rate to a great extent.

      How long does the test tube baby treatment take?

      The total time taken to do the test tube baby treatment takes around 18 days. However, the duration might vary from patient to patient, depending on the condition. The procedure they are getting or is there need of additional treatment will make a difference.

      The success rate for test tube baby treatment!

      Currently, the patients between the age group of 21 to 30 years, have success rates of around 40% to 60% for the pregnancy chances. For the patients between the age group of 31 to 35, have a success rate of 42.5% and the patient between the age group of 36 to 38 years will have a success rate of 40%. The patients between the age group of 42 to 65 years will have a success rate of 33% to 35%.

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