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      Affordable Cost Hymen Repair or Hymenoplasty In Bathinda, Punjab

      Hymenoplasty - Prove Yourself To Be Virgin

      Affordable Cost Hymen Repair or Hymenoplasty In Bathinda, Punjab, In India and the other underdeveloped countries where people have still stuck to the traditional beliefs that women can only be considered as a virgin if she bleeds when she is having sex with her husband for the first time. The women can only bleed if hymen breaks. But what if the woman has never had sex and her hymen is broken because she was a Sportsgirl. Then what?

      If your family is conservative and you think it will be difficult for you to prove your virginity to your husband after marriage, then go for the virginity restoration in Bathinda. It refers to the hymen repair surgery which is also known as hymenoplasty in Punjab. Hymenoplasty cost in India may vary from INR 15,000/- to INR 20,000/-.

      Hymen...What Is It?

      It is a kind of oval rubber that consists of the tissues that are completely responsible for covering the vaginal opening.

      Please Do Not Believe The Misleading Information!

      The hymen is completely penetrable even when a woman never had sex or has never played any game. To prove my point, I would like to ask you a question:

      How could the menstrual blood flow out of the vagina if the hymen is impenetrable?”

      Why Do You Need To Undergo Hymenoplasty?

      A lot of females with different reasons for hymen reconstruction can benefit from this procedure. To know who can be benefited from hymen reconstruction, please pay attention to the following points:

      • Psychological importance

      The women who have ever suffered from sexual assault gets in the trauma. Many psychologists recommend such girls undergo hymenoplasty surgery which will help them to regain their lost self-esteem and confidence.

      • Burying the past

      Not every marriage is successful. The cases of divorce are continuously rising in India. The women who want to move on usually want to start afresh life. In the wake of burying the memories of the past and experiencing everything pleasurable with the new husband, the women prefer to take up the virginity restoration surgery.

      • Cultural beliefs

      As discussed earlier, the women are considered virgin if their hymen is intact. To avoid the social taunts of not being a virgin, the females take up the surgical procedure which benefits them with peace of mind.

      • A gift

      According to the sexologist in Bathinda, “When a woman is getting married, then she wants to give her partner the virginal experience. But if she had been sexually active with another partner before marriage, then hymen reconstruction is the best way to present your partner with a pleasurable sexual experience.”

      What To Expect During The Hymenoplasty?

      • You should select the best hospital to undergo hymenoplasty. You should follow the same procedure for finding a suitable hospital which you do when you find an IVF centre in Punjab for help in conception.
        • Outpatient procedure

        Hymen reconstruction surgery is an outpatient procedure. It is performed by administering the patient under local anaesthesia.

        • Great Repairing Tactics

        The torn skin at the edges of the hymen is neatly cut away with extreme neatness and appropriation. When this is done, then the left tissues are stitched together. A little space is left for a small opening. With this, the hymenal ring attains the normal and natural size and shape.

      How Much Does It Take For The Completion Of The Surgery?

      It does not take more than 2 to 3 hours for the surgery to get completed.

      What To Expect During The Recovery Period?

      • Since it is an outpatient procedure, the woman is allowed to rejoin the work the very next day. But it is suggested to avoid doing any strenuous or heavy weight lifting tasks.
      • The entire healing may take around six weeks. Once completely recovered, you will not get to see any visible signs of the surgical procedure.

      Why Choose Us?

      We at Gem hospital and IVF centre have carried out more than 3000+ hymen reconstruction surgeries to till date. Our gynaecologist team is vastly experienced and have the necessary skills to cope with adverse situations.


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