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      Embryo donation Centre in Punjab

      What is embryo donation?

      The embryo donation process is referred to as the transfer of the non-autologous embryo. This means that the patient who is getting the fertilized embryo is neither connected with the sperm donor or egg. It is the same as that of getting a donor egg to expect it is not fertilized. In the case of an embryo, it’s already fertilized. With the treatment of IVF, some couples have more embryos then they require. These embryos can be frozen (cryopreserved) which can be used later. But, at times they are not used so they have the option to donate them to another couple, donate for research, or discard them.

      Who gets the donated embryo?

      Women who consider the option of Embryo Donation in Punjab are facing the problem of infertility which cannot be treated. This option can prove helpful in certain situations:

      • Untreatable infertility in a single woman.
      • Infertility that involves both partners.
      • Genetic disorders affecting one or both partners.
      • Recurrent pregnancy loss thought linked to the embryo.

      How to screen embryos for disease?

      Well, there are strict guidelines given by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test the people who are donating tissues which include sperm, embryos, and eggs. Mostly the embryos which have been donated are intended to be used by people who created them. It might be possible that testing is not performed within the specified time. The embryos are still donated to the patients who need them and they are informed about the risk.

      It is important that the donor provides the medical history and tested for a disease like syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, chlamydia, and HIV. In case, the donor refuses or not available, the recipient is informed about the chances of disease transmission.
      This is the reason when a patient visits us to know about the process of Embryo Donation in BathindaEmbryo Donation in Bathinda we guide them properly so that in future no problem arises.

      What is the way to evaluate the recipient?

      Evaluation is done in the same manner as the patients are checked are get the IVF treatment. Here’s what will be done:

      • Checking the medical history of both the partners which include blood type, Rh factor, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, chlamydia, and HIV.
      • The recipient will be counseled by the mental health professional.
      • Assessment of the womb.
      • Pelvic examination of the recipient.
      • Patients over the age of 45 need thorough evaluation which includes heart functioning and risk for pregnancy-related disease.

      What is the benefit of getting counseling?

      To understand the complexity of the decision whether you are donating or receiving embryos, counseling the mental health professional is very important for donor & recipient. The consultation will include donor information and discussion regarding donor & children resulted from a donor embryo. If the donor is someone in your known then exploring the relationship is also important.

      Is there any legal complication of using donor embryo?

      The recipient should seek help from a lawyer who specializes in family issues. The lawyer you choose should know the state laws linked to the parentage of getting embryo transfer during pregnancy and after giving birth. If there is any legal complication regarding the use of donor embryo then the recipient has to to be fully responsible for the embryo donation process and its resulting child.
      It also recommends that the recipient will release the donor from all the liabilities or complications related to pregnancy, heritable diseases, congenital abnormalities, or any other complications linked to embryo donation.

      What is the success rate of getting pregnant with embryo donation?

      The success rate of embryo donation depends on different factors like the quality of embryo, women age who gave the eggs, and the number of embryos transferred.
      Want to know more about the process then visit our IVF centre today only!