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      PCOD Treatment in Punjab, Bathinda

      What is PCOD?

      PCOD Treatment in Punjab, Bathinda, PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease. In the present time, it is one of the common health issues diagnosed in women around 5% to 10%. The need for PCOD Treatment in Punjab is higher among the patients who are between the age group of 12 to 45 years.

      In medical terms, this condition triggers when hormonal balance is impacted. The imbalance is likely to cause issues with the menstrual cycle and there are high chances that women will have problems getting pregnant naturally, or it will take more time than expected. If you are diagnosed with this condition, then you must get the PCOD Treatment in Bathinda at the earliest.

      At Gem Hospital and IVF Centre we have an experienced and board-certified team of fertility doctors who can offer you the best treatment plan for your condition.

      What are the causes of PCOD?

      • The women’s ovaries make the female sex hormones and the slight amount of male hormones is known as androgens. With these, egg development is regulated in the ovaries during the menstrual cycle.
      • When there is an imbalance of the hormones and the body starts producing more androgens then it is likely to create problems. This is the reason, the patient starts noticing certain features which depict PCOD condition.
      • Normally, the follicles are sacs which are present within the ovaries & it contains the egg. With each menstrual cycle, one egg is released which is referred to as ovulation.
      • When the eggs don’t mature themselves due to which they won’t release from the ovaries. This problem is likely to result in small cysts and this condition is referred to as PCOD.

      Do you know?

      The global prevalence rate of PCOD is between 6% to 26%. You mustn’t let the condition affect your life. A timely and right treatment approach will improve your condition.

      What are the common symptoms of PCOD?

      Here, are some of the common symptoms of PCOD which can be noticed:

      • Weight gain & problem losing weight
      • Acne
      • Extra hair on the body and face. In this case, the women will notice darker and thicker facial hair. The belly, chest, and back are likely to have more hair.
      • Scalp hair starts getting thin
      • Irregular periods (If you have fewer than 9 periods in one year, no period at all, or you noticed heavy bleeding then it means consulting the doctor is important.)
      • Fertility problems are diagnosed in women with PCOD
      • Depression

      What are the treatment options for PCOD?

      • The PCOD treatment will depend on managing your current state so that you can feel better. The doctor can suggest certain options like:
        • Controlling the blood glucose level
        • Fertility restoration options
        • Suggesting treatment plan for acne or hirsutism
        • Preventive measures for endometrial hyperplasia & endometrial cancer
        • Restoring the menstruation cycle

        It is seen that losing weight can help the patient with diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that even losing 5% body weight will make a lot of difference.

      What are the medications to treat hormonal imbalance due to PCOD?

      • Progesterone pills/Birth control pills
      • Metformin (Helps the body’s sensitivity to insulin and it might even bring the menstrual cycle back to normal)
      • LH-releasing hormone (LHRH) analogs
      • Clomiphene citrate helps the egg to get mature and release from the body which helps to improve conception chances.
      • Treatment with clomiphene citrate causes the egg to mature and be released. Sometimes women need this or other fertility drugs to get pregnant.

      How much does the PCOD treatment cost?

      Usually, there is not much cost for PCOD. But, if the problem is not diagnosed then there are high chances of getting diagnosed with infertility or other health issues like:

      • Heart problems
      • Diabetes
      • Endometrial cancer
      • Low blood pressure
      • Increased risk of breast cancer

      For say, the cost of infertility treatment begins from Rs 50,000 or depending on what health issue you have the cost will vary.

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