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      Sexologist in Punjab

      Sexologist In Bathinda, Punjab

      Gem Hospital and IVF centre: Dr. Aman gupta (Sexologist in Bathinda, Punjab) – Sexual relationship constitutes a significant part of our life. Sexual satisfaction occupies an important place in both a man’s and a woman’s life. However, if they are not able to seek pleasure or satisfaction from their sexual life, some men tend to shy away from their problems and continue to suffer. They tend to hide their disabilities for the fear of being labelled negatively. Adopting this attitude can sometimes affect the relationships and the psyche of the person and lead to many more problems. Having such problems is not a sign of any weakness; it is just like any other medical condition. Therefore, it must be treated by getting in touch with the concerned Gynecologist. Neglecting this angle of your relationship can have detrimental effects on your health and your partner. It’s best to seek the advice of a sexologist if you too are under such circumstances. Sexologist in Bathinda is readily available to help you if you want relevant advice.

      Sexologist Male Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Nightfall - Punjab
      Male Infertility

      Male Infertility

      Male infertility is defined as an inability to become a father to a child. It may be caused due to many factors like poor sperm motility, low sperm count, and poor quality sperm cells. The problem usually comes to light when the partner of such a man is unable to conceive. One can visit a doctor if one suspects that he is infertile. Many people are genetically predisposed to having low-quality sperms. Some have problems in the production of sperm while some have a problem in efficient transportation from the place of production to the place of ejaculation. Still others might be suffering due to inappropriate shape or motility of the sperm.


      Erectile Dysfunction

      A sufficient period of erection is required for successful sexual penetration. But, some men suffer from a problem in getting or maintaining an erection. This problem can affect sexual relationships.


      Premature Ejaculation

      We all know that ejaculation is a process by which semen is released during sexual intercourse. Some men tend to release semen even before their or their partner’s wish. This condition is referred to as premature ejaculation. It has psychological or biological problems associated with it. It can lead to less sexual satisfaction and trouble in relationships.


      Premature Ejaculation Treatment

      Premature ejaculation is effectively treated at our clinic through medications.

      • Impotence: Impotence is the condition in which the male is unable to have a proper erection during sexual intercourse. Due to this condition, he is unable to satisfy his partner fully. In medical terms, the condition is known as erectile dysfunction (ED). It is important to get this problem treated if the person wants to have a satisfactory sexual life.
      • Symptoms: The noticeable symptoms of ED are persistent troublesome and weak erection, inability to sustain an erection, accompanied by loss of physical desire, and reduction in self-confidence. The individual appears to be stressed, and dissatisfied with relationships.
      • Causes: The main causes of the ED are:
        • Hormonal imbalance  – low production of certain hormones might lead to the condition.
        • The physical causes – ED can also happen due to underlying medical conditions such as Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and spinal cord injuries.
        • Psychological causes – Poor psychological health which is characterized by anxiety, depression, and stress can also cause this problem.
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      Many men suffer from the problem of nightfall. Nightfall is a condition in which the patients have discharge at night. It is also referred to as nocturnal emission or wet dreams. The condition can be treated by combining medication along with the following precautions:-

      • Avoid the consumption of water right before you go to bed
      • Use the washroom an hour before going to bed.
      • Have a relaxed and stress-free mind while sleeping.
      • Reading some books before sleeping to feel relaxed and happy

      Low Sexual Desire

      It is natural to have a decline in sexual desire as one age. However, some people suffer from it even at a young age. Low sexual desire is a condition in which a person has a very low desire to have sex. Having a low libido can be caused by the following problems-

      • Anxiety
      • Diabetes
      • Depression
      • High-Blood Pressure
      • Lifestyle Habits
      • Medication Side-effects

      A person might experience a lack of urge and indulgence in sexual activity. It is necessary to get this condition treated as it can lead to a problem in relationships. The treatment for this condition includes restoring the hormonal imbalance and making the person psychologically relaxed and stress-free. Change in the Penis size: Some men suffer from an inferiority complex and fear that their organ is not of adequate size. In most of the cases, we find that the men have an adequate size which is big enough for providing sexual satisfaction to their partners. However, if the person has a genuinely small penis, then treatment is available for changing its size.

      Extensive Masturbation: While doing regular masturbation is normal and healthy, extensive masturbation may not be good for a person. Being heavily involved in self-stimulation all day long and indulging in extensive masturbation cannot be counted as a normal habit. This condition also calls for treatment by a sexologist.

      A Look At Sexual Function From The Physochological Angle

      We know of sex as a physical and biological function. However, there are many psychological, emotional and other aspects associated when it comes to sexual functioning. Many systems work in decorum to achieve the desired sexual activity level. Hormones come into play when sexual desire is felt. The reaction of the body in response to this desire can be seen in the form of blood vessels and the penile muscles getting into action to give way to a firm and long erection.

      When the time for the release of the sperm comes up, then the penile muscles and nerves are required to contract, paving way for the sperms to be released. Achieving an orgasm requires the coordination of the brain and muscles. Therefore if the person is suffering from some sexual dysfunction, it calls for the evaluation of the various systems involved.

      Sexologist Male Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Nightfall - Punjab

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