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      Low Sperm Count Treatment In Punjab, Bathinda

      Overview: Low sperm count Treatment

      Low sperm count Treatment In Punjab, Bathinda, Nill Sperm is one of the major reasons for male infertility. In medical terms, it is known as azoospermia. At Gem Hospital and IVF centre, the fertility specialists are well-trained in treating issues like this. Low Sperm Count Treatment in Punjab is available at an affordable package. The cost of it highly depends upon the cause of the problem.

      Case in Point: If along with the count, sperm quality is a major concern for you, then the treatment plan will be more comprehensive.

      Diagnosis - Let's Get To The Root

      When it is difficult for the couple to have a healthy and natural conception, then it is suggested that they should get themselves diagnosed.

      How’s the diagnosis done?

      • Physical examination: During the physical examination, the doctor will have a close view of the genitals.
      • Communication: You will be asked many questions to find out if:
        • You have any kind of health problems (Acute or chronic)
        • You are ill
        • You had or are even having any kind of the injuries
        • You are having good sexual habits
        • You are getting sexually developed
      • Semen analysis: The problems regarding sperms are diagnosed during this step. But, nothing to worry about! At Gem hospital and IVF centre, we have treated many of the patients successfully. We are highly acclaimed for carrying out zero sperm count treatment in Bathinda.
      • Other tests: Based on what the doctor found with your sperms, they may or may not decide whether they should be carrying the further tests or not. These tests may include the following:
        • Scrotal Ultrasound
        • Hormone Testing
        • Urine analysis after ejaculation
        • Specialized sperm functioning tests
        • Transrectal ultrasound
        • Genetic Testing
        • Testicular Biopsy
        • Anti-Sperm Antibody tests

      Treatment - We’ll Help You To Get Through This

      All thanks to the advancements of medical science, there are a ton of ways that low sperm count can be treated. At our IVF centre, we build a personalized treatment plan for each patient and the treatment options may vary depending upon that:

      • Surgical way-out: In case, it is varicoceles and obstructed vas deferens that is emerging as a problem in the production of the right amount of the sperms, then it is the only surgical way by which these problems can be aimed to get rid of.
      • Treatment of Infections: Sometimes, the reproductive tract gets some of the infections. It could be either viral or bacterial. With the help of antibiotics, the infections can be treated.
      • Treatment of SIP (Sexual Intercourse Problems): At our hospital, we have a good staff of counsellors as well, who with the help of counselling, ther[paies and medications do away with erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation.
      • Hormonal Treatment: The imbalanced levels of the hormones can also be held responsible for the low sperm count. If that is so, then none other than hormone replacement or medications can help to do away with these problems.
      • ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies): These procedures guarantee the sure-shot conception. ART helps the couple to conceive by hook or by crook. If the medications, therapies or counselling are not working, then the fertility specialists, try to get the sperms with the help of the following:
        • Normal Ejaculation
        • Surgical extraction

      There is also the advent of the methods that help the sperms to get directly inserted into the genital tract like ICSI.


      If the sperm is not reaching the egg for the fertilisation process in the right direction, speed or at the time, then IVF can be the best solution for such problems.

      Case in Point:

      If you have delayed in visiting the doctor and allowed the condition to get progressed, then all kinds of the treatment will fail to work. In that case, only two options will be left for you:

      • Sperm Donation: You may not become the biological father of the child, but you will still be his or her father. Sperm donation has emerged as a boon for couples in which the male partners are suffering from serious low sperm count problems. To know, which factors should you be considering while choosing the sperm donor, please read our blog: Factors to choose the ideal sperm donor
      • Adopt a child: Adoption can help the homeless children to get homes and the love of the ones who want to welcome the new member in their families.

      Tips For Conception:

      • If you are planning to have a baby, increase the frequency of intercourse.
      • Try to have sex, when there are maximum chances for the egg to get fertilised
      • Make sure, you are not making use of any lubricants for say penetration.

      Final Comments!

      If you are finding it difficult to conceive, then the first step which you are supposed to be taking is visiting us. We diagnose the problem and formulate an effective treatment plan to make you come out of this problem.

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