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      Laparoscopy Surgery in Bathinda, Laparoscopic surgeon Punjab

      Laparoscopic Doctors Bathinda, Punjab Use Laparoscopy for a surgical procedure that helps in examining the organs present inside the abdomen. This type of surgery involves smaller cuts which make it a low-risk procedure and it is a minimally invasive procedure.
      Laparoscopy uses an instrument known as a laparoscope which helps to look at the abdominal organs. The instrument is a thin-tube with a camera at the front of high-resolution and high-intensity light. The surgeon inserts it into the body by doing a small cut and as it is being moved the surgeon can see the images on the monitor. Without the need for open surgery, the doctor can see inside the body.


      How The Procedure Is Performed?

      Before this method, came into existence, the surgeon had to make the cut on the belly which was 6 to 12 inches long. This way they get to see everything very easily and reach the specific area where treatment was required.
      With technological advancement, laparoscopy surgery helped the surgeon to make small incisions which are not more than half-inch long. This is the reason the procedure is sometimes also referred to as Keyhole surgery. Through each opening, the tube is inserted along with the camera and other surgical instruments which eventually helps the surgeon to do the operation. Due to the way it works the demand for Laparoscopy surgery in Punjab is increasing.

      Why The Laparoscopy Procedure Is Performed?

      Mostly laparoscopy is performed to identify and diagnose abdominal or pelvic pain. Usually, our doctor will perform Laparoscopy surgery in Bathinda when non-invasive methods are not able to give accurate results like ultrasound, MRI scan, and CT scan. Laparoscopy helps in examining organs like:

      • Gallbladder.
      • Liver.
      • Pancreas.
      • Appendix.
      • Stomach.
      • Reproductive organs.
      • Small intestine & large intestine (colon).
      • Spleen.

      What Are The Benefits Of Laparoscopy?

      With the traditional method, you have to stay in the hospital for at least a week but with laparoscopy, you need to stay for 2 nights. Recovery time with this procedure is 2 to 3 weeks whereas with traditional surgery it can take 4 to 8 weeks.

      • The cuts are very small.
      • Get discharged from the hospital quickly.
      • Scars heal quickly and pain is less
      • Get back to normal working routine sooner.
      • Internal scarring is less.

      How To Ensure A Smooth Recovery?

      • Wear loose-fitting clothes.
      • To reduce the chances of a blood clot, start light activity once you feel normal.
      • Get proper quality of sleep.
      • To ease the pain of sore throat use throat lozenges.

      An Advanced Type Of Laparoscopic Procedure

      • During the surgery, the surgical tool and camera are put through the opening which results in less scarring. But, this can be tricky as instruments are placed very closely.
      • In other cases, ‘hand-assisted laparoscopy is performed in which the surgeon uses the device which let them go inside with the hand. Although the cut is longer than half-inch but smaller as compared to traditional surgery.

      With This Procedure The Doctor Will Be Able To Detect:

      • Tumor or abdominal mass.
      • Certain treatment effectiveness.
      • Fluid in the abdominal cavity.
      • Liver disease.
      • Progression of certain cancer type.

      Technological Advancement: Use Of Robot

      In the Robotic version of this procedure, the cut is made and the camera is inserted. The gynaecologist is not going to hold the instruments, instead, they will use the robot mechanical arms. This method of surgery is useful:

      • Patients who are overweight.
      • Urology surgery.
      • Gynaecology.
      • Prostate removal.

      The robotic surgery helps in giving high-resolution and 3D images of inside the body. With the visuals displayed on the screen, the robot & surgical instruments are controlled with the hand. The discomfort and bleeding are less.

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