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      Semen Banking

      Bank as well know is a place to store or reserve something valuable which can be advantageous for future use. Semen Banking or Semen Freezing and also called Semen Cryopreservation is a method of storing semen for future use. Semen or Sperm to be exact can be stored for up to 20 years and can still be used for various purposes.

      These various purposes have both personal and professional needs such as:


      If the male partner of a relationship wants to go through vasectomy to make him infertile probably because of desires for unprotected sexual activity with his partner without any risk of having children at that point of time also wants to have an option to have children in the future, he might apply need to apply for this.
      Males who suffer from a disease like cancer have to undergo chemo (a therapy for cancer patients) which damages the sperm in most of the cases. If he wants to preserve his fertility, he can preserve his sperm for fertilization.
      Couples who have a time frame desync for example If the husband is traveling for work at times ovulation occurs or if the wife is not available in times like these. They might want to apply for assisting methods like these for reproduction.
      Paralytic Attack patient’s semen can be collected by electro for cryopreservation.
      Couples who want to go for In Vitro Fertilisation treatment, semen is kept in a freezing environment and then used while fusing to form a test tube baby. This is usually implemented in cases where a husband or male partner in a relationship is not able to produce the right amount and quality sperm due to any factor such as stress or infertility due to vasectomy.

      Donor Sperm

      One who donates his sperm not for his purpose but for providing them to someone who needs it. This can be done via AR technology. People donating those sperms have to go through ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) guidelines. These include but are not limited to:

      • Age between 21 and 45 can donate sperm.
      • Semen Analysis should be normal.
      • No infections and hereditary side effects.
      • Sperm needs to be stored and kept quarantined for at least half a year before being released for the ones who need them.
      • Both information regarding the sperm donor and the one who receives it is kept anonymous from each other.

      There are cases in which the husband is not able to generate an embryo developing sperm even if medical help is taken. Also, there are cases in which parents don’t want their genetic disorders to be a part of their children’s life. In these cases, Donor Sperms or 3rd party sperms become a part of their future life. Another instance includes women who want a baby but do not have a male partner to consummate with.
      People need to be aware of these things as children are one of the major parts of building a house, a home. The right semen can bring better hereditary characters in your family tree.