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      Getting Pregnant With One Fallopian Tube

      Pregnancy with one fallopian tube

      Pregnancy is possible with one fallopian tube, even though they should be healthy and in the right state. If you are in the same situation and wondering what to do next, then make sure to consult the best gynae or fertility expert. At Gem Hospital & IVF centre, Dr. Neera Gupta has made it possible for many women to get pregnant with one fallopian tube. Talk to our doctor to understand _what are the causes of the blocked fallopian tubes and how IVF can help you to conceive.

      Do you know?

      Stats have shown that 85% of women who are in the pregnancy age of 22 to 28 with just one tube can conceive within 2 years of trying. Moreover, if they had the issue of ectopic pregnancy they can still conceive.

      Trying to conceive with one fallopian tube

      Normally, the woman is born with 2 fallopian tubes which are known for transferring the mature eggs from the ovaries which go to the uterus and then reach the fallopian tube. Even if there is one tube it can still perform the same functioning. So, if the fallopian tubes are blocked due to:

      • Past ectopic pregnancy
      • Trauma
      • Scarring

      Your chances of conception are not going to get affected as many other roles play an important part. When you talk to our gynae she will make you understand better _everything about the fallopian tube blockage.

      What are the factors which determine pregnancy is possible with one fallopian tube?

      YES! If you have one fallopian tube you are still able to conceive and there are certain factors that will be kept in mind like:

      • Your fertility age is at the right stage: AGE makes a lot of difference when it comes to egg quality and that includes your chances of conception. In case, you have just one fallopian tube and you are trying to conceive at the age of 40, then it is possible to experience problems. In case you are 35 with one properly functioning tube, then it is ideal that you talk to the doctor to understand what can improve your chances of conception.
      • You ovulate like normal: Normally, the menstrual cycle comes for around 21 to 35 days which means ovulation is regular. In case of irregular periods, it is possible that there is a certain issue and you have to schedule an appointment with the OB/GYN. You should talk to the gynae to understand what is the ideal way to keep track of your fertile window and ovulation.
      • Your one fallopian tube is healthy enough to do the work: No worries! Even if one tube is not healthy as long as the other tube is working with ease. To ensure the same, you have to get yourself tested to make sure that your fallopian tube is working properly. The sperm and egg need to have the proper pathway so that they can travel to the desired destination with ease and your chances of conception are possible.

      So, what does that mean?

      Fallopian tubes are known for their feature of mobility and activeness in the reproductive system. In case, one of the tubes is broken then another can function like normal and pick up that egg which can meet the sperm and it will result in the formation of the embryo.

      Your health is okay and there are no fertility problem

      It is important that your health is okay or you are not diagnosed with any problem of infertility. If that is the case, then there will be an issue with conception. Therefore, make sure that you understand the red flag and then get yourself diagnosed and tested. For example, Women with mild endometriosis are at risk of having tubal failure or scarring. In such a case, it is imperative to get yourself treated otherwise it will lead to future complications.

      Do I always have to get fertility treatment for blocked fallopian tubes?

      Many problems which affect the fallopian tube can be treated through laparoscopy. In case, there is a problem with one of the fallopian tubes then it does not mean you can have to get fertility treatment. In such a case, it is better that you seek assistance from fertility experts to understand better what should be done.

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