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      Loose Vagina Or Vaginal Tightening In Bathinda, Punjab

      Vaginal tightening treatment

      Loose Vagina Or Vaginal Tightening In Bathinda, Punjab, Many of the women come to our clinic and asking about, ‘Is it possible to have a loose vagina?’ Do you think the same? And the most important concern is it true? Let me tell you one thing Vaginal Tightening In Punjab is in high demand among women. It’s all about getting the right information from the right doctor and the right treatment plan. At Gem Hospital and IVF Centre, you can get the perfect plan for the Loose Vagina treatment In Bathinda. Without wasting a single second let’s jump right into the topic.

      Is it normal to have a loose vagina?

      To begin with, when you scroll over the net you will come across many myths and misconceptions. One of the major beliefs is that vagina can lose its elasticity with time and for the entire life, it will be loose. That is, NOT TRUE.

      You have to understand the fact that the vagina is flexible which means it can adjust itself to the things coming in or going out. So, what does that mean? Within no time, the vagina will come back into its previous shape. Although, it is possible that with age or following the pregnancy, the vaginal muscles can become lose but still it can adjust themselves as the rubber band.

      Breaking down the myth of a loose vagina

      First of all, you have to understand that there is no such thing as a loose vagina. If you think, it will stretch permanently, then it is not possible. It is important to understand that a loose vagina should not be used to describe the women whose sex life has been way too much.

      Is it okay to have a tight vagina?

      NO! In that case, it might be the reason that you are going through a health issue and it is possible that during penetration it can lead to discomfort. The vaginal muscles are known for relaxing on their own when you feel aroused. In case, you are not interested then the vagina is not able to relax or self-lubricate itself and then stretch.

      In some cases, the women experience vaginismus which is the reason for during or before penetration. By it means, sexual intercourse, inserting a speculum, or then slipping a tampon. If the doctor found out that you have the symptoms then you will be asked to get the diagnosis and then start further with the treatment.

      Vagina will change with time & Age

      During your 40s, it is normal for you to experience changes in the vagina. In this condition, it is normal that estrogen will decrease as you are entering the perimenopausal stage. If the estrogen is lost then it means you are experiencing the vaginal tissue in the tissue which is noticed through the vagina getting:

      • Thin
      • Dry
      • Less acidic
      • Less flexible or stretchy

      Once you have reached the menopause stage, these signs are less noticeable.


      Following the vaginal delivery, it is normal to experience problems. No doubt, the vaginal muscles will stretch with time because of the baby coming out from the vagina. After childbirth, the vagina is loose which is normal.

      What are the ways to make vaginal muscles strong?

      You should practice pelvic exercise to make the pelvic floor muscles strong. When you do, it will make the rectum, small intestine, uterus, and bladder strong. Doing pelvic exercise will help you to deal with the issue of urinary incontinence but it won’t address the problem of severe urinary leakage. You should ask the gynaecologist about the Kegel exercise which you can perform.

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