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      IUI Treatment in Bathinda, Punjab, India

      What is IUI Treatment?

      IUI Centre in Bathinda, Punjab, IUI is an infertility treatment, which is known as Intrauterine insemination. In this procedure, the surgeon directly places sperm into a woman’s uterus, which also helps the healthy sperm get closer to the egg. This treatment is beneficial for couples with unexplained infertility, women with cervical mucus problems, and minimal male infertility.

      IUI Treatment in Bathinda is performed during natural conception, usually within 24-36 hours after the injection of hCG is delivered. First of all, your surgeon washes the sperm and then choose the healthy cells in order to inject them into the uterus.


      Who is an ideal candidate for IUI?

      IUI treatment in Punjab is less-expensive and non-invasive infertility. Well, this is the best treatment that is needed to achieve pregnancy. The foremost reason behind taking IUI Treatment is poor sperm motility and low sperm count.

      • Unexplained infertility.
      • A hostile cervical condition such as Cervical mucus problems.
      • Cervical scar tissue from past procedures which may hinder the sperms’ ability to enter the uterus.
      • Ejaculation dysfunction.
      • Mild endometriosis.
      • Low sperm count.
      • Poor sperm motility.
      • Same-sex couples want to conceive.
      • A single woman wishing to conceive.

      IUI is not recommended for below-mentioned patients

      • Women with moderate to severe endometriosis.
      • Women who are suffering from blocked Fallopian tubes and severe fallopian tube disease.
      • Women with a history of pelvic infections.
      • Men who are unable to produce sperm.

      In these conditions, when you are unable to get IUI, you can go with IVF treatment. This treatment will help you to conceive a baby without complications.

      What someone can expect during IUI procedure?

      As we stated above, this is non-invasive and painless fertility treatment. This infertility treatment is also known as the natural cycle, in which your doctor does not recommend you any type of medication.
      This is performed during the ovulation period and the surgeon placed the sperm into the uterus. This IUI treatment is associated with ovarian stimulation. Your surgeon will give you the hormone supplements such as HCG, FSH, and Clomiphene Citrate to stimulate the ovaries. With these supplements, you will be able to produce more healthy and mature eggs that will surely increase your chances of pregnancy.
      However, first of all, you need to visit the specialist and discuss everything with him. This procedure has a typical timeline that you need to follow-:

      • You may need to visit the centre several types of ultrasounds, blood work, and medication instructions.
      • If your specialist prescribes you medications, then you will start taking them on time.
      • You need to visit the clinic a week after starting the prescribed medication so that you can go through another ultrasound.
      • After that, he will collect a semen sample from your male partner on the day of the procedure.
      • Then the collected sperm will directly be taken to the lab for the washing process. After then it can be injected into your uterus.
      IUI process - Gem Hospital and IVF centre

      What are the risks associated with IUI treatment?

      There is no risk of infection because your surgeon uses sterile instruments. Only the risk of multiple pregnancies associated with IUI. However, this is rare, you do not take tension about anything, specialist tries to balance the amount of medication so that you can release only one egg at one time.
      Well, if you experience listed problems, then you must visit the doctor.

      • Dizziness.
      • Severe abdominal or pelvic pain.
      • Sudden weight gain.
      • Nausea and vomiting.
      • Shortness of breath.

      What is the success rate of IUI?

      The success of IUI treatment depends on certain factors such as-

      • Patient’s age.
      • Infertility diagnosis.
      • Whether fertility drugs are used or not.

      Cost of IUI treatment

      The cost of IUI treatment based on your specific needs, prescribed medications, number of tests, and your location as well.

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